Monday, 11 December 2017

Andrew Patterson and Raenan inspiration talk

What an inspiring talk that Mr. Andrew Patterson and Raenan (a former student from P.E.S). They had talked about setting your goals, take advantages of any opportunity, you are the boss of yourself and also changes won't happen if you don't change yourself.

 The two most uplifting and inspiring talks were taking advantages of your opportunities and changes won't happen if you don't change yourself.  If you don't know what taking advantages your opportunity mean, I will gladly tell you. Taking advantages of your opportunities means when there is an opportunity for anything then take it, and "changes won't happen if you don't change yourself" means making a change in your life or making a change in the world.

Anyway, Raenan had some awesome news to share and it was that he became deputy head boy at Tamaki College, and that was his goal for a long time. His other goal is to become a police officer and ever since he was little he dreamt of being one. This is a good example of saying set your goals and work hard become not everything is gonna work out the way you imagined it, but it was worth it. So remember aim for success and success will eventually come to you.

A - Aspiration
I - Inspiration
M - Motivation
Aspiration + Inspiration = Motivation

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

My experience this year

This year has been an awesome year in extension with Mrs Langitupu and the year 7's. As a year 8 I am gonna miss everyone in extension and I hope they do good in all test that they will be sitting next year. I have some advice for all the year 6's the will be in the year 7 and 8 extension group. Do well and always listen to Mrs Langitupu and also when your suppose to be told to be quite then please do because we weren't good at that this year. My highlights for this year is getting to be apart of this amazing extension group and doing coding and lots more fun things this year. Thats pretty much my highlights, experiences and advice towards all our younger extension people. Merry X-Mas and a happy new year everyone.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Carry on from our Owl

My team, Miss Eadie and I have been working hard to get this done. This owl's name is Te Ahorangi. Te Ahorangi in English from Maori means "the enlightened one". Our journey to getting Te Ahorangi  done is so close but we can't let our guard down and slack off (even though we have done that a few times). Paints have been spilled, dried up and used all up, paint brushes have been lost, paint gets on our clothes and patterns go wrong but all these mistakes that we have done, we are learning from it. So this is just a short update about our owl Te Ahorangi. Keep checking my blog for even more and new updates. Have a good day.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Design ideas for our owl

Here are some of my design ideas for our owl. These design might be placed upon the wings and will be changed a bit. All the patterns we chose will be telling a story. So I hope you like these patterns.
Image result for tongan tattoos drawings

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Progression of our Owl

Kia Ora, nau mai haere mai. For at least 2 - 4 weeks my team (Isaac, Christopher, David) and I have been working and it is for a art competition and its called Little Hoot. This is a short post but here is the progression throughout the term. Also big thanks to Miss Eadie for organizing all this, for giving up your lunch times and other times and lastly for choosing as and making us feel comfortable. So here are the photo's.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Creating Games with Scratch and the Makey Makey

What a blast it has been to understand and use the Makey Makey set up. With that we had to choose out of making a band, a game show or a game for people with disabilities. My group and I chose the game show because it was more interesting and was more challenging to do. Well it took the yr 7/8 extension group and I 1 whole term and 2 weeks of term 4 to fully complete our projects. So with the help of Zoey from OMG tech, she helped us with all the things we need to know like setting up the Makey Makey or how to code on Scratch while using the Makey Makey and lots more difficult things. It was much more easier with the help of Zoey and things got done a little more faster than we thought it would take.

What I learnt was how to set up the Makey Makey set and how to create the buzzers by connecting the Makey Makey wires up to whatever we chose for our buzzer. Another thing I learnt was the different parts of the base of the Makey Makey. It was really complicate of me because i dont really understand coding and the different wires. What my group and I had to make was first our buzzer, then our questions and answers then after all that we had to start coding. The most challenging part was coding becasue I didnt quite understand how to code the buzzer so it would light up and make a sound for when they buzz.

So thats my reflection about my experience with Scratch and the Makey Makey. Everyone in the Yr 7/8 extension group and myself new that our task was gonna be really hard. So at the end when everyone had finished we had to present our games infront our the group and we could let a couple of people play. So thats what we did in term 3 and that was our task with Zoey. Try this out for yourself because it is certainly fun but complicated. Thats my experience with the Makey Makey and scratch and how cool it was. Also thanks to Mrs Langitupu for orginasing all this for our extension group, we love you.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Why it is important to have school rules

Why is it important to have school rules? Well keep on reading to see why it is important.

One school rule we have at Pt England is to keep your hands and feet to yourselves. So what this basically means is to not punch, kick, slap or any other way to hurt others, because hurting others is bad and will get to into quite a lot of trouble.

Another school rule we have here is to respect school property and the property of others. This means to not trash school grounds, don’t tag or do graffiti on the walls or anywhere on school property, so that's what respecting school grounds. Respecting other people's property means not looking through all their private things and not trashing or stealing their belongings.

One last school rule is you must be cyber smart and use your device responsibly. You always need to watch out what you do online because it can always be recorded (seen in history) on your history and everyone can see what you do. So always be cyber smart when you are on your device.

So having school rules keeps the school balanced and that's why we need school rules and why it is important. So those were some of the school rules that we follow here at Pt England School. Having school rules are important and every school needs them if they don't have it already.

Friday, 20 October 2017

This Weeks Korero

This weeks korero made by our very own prefects is smiling makes a difference. Smiling makes a difference because when you smile at someone they begin feeling happy and their mood changes. Also if someone is angry about not getting an award or didn't make it in the team then give them a smile to make their day. So that's our korero for this week is smiling makes a difference.

Farewell to Vani

Today at assembly was very sad because our very own social worker Vani is leaving to work at her new job. It was so sad to see one of our amazing workers here at Pt England School is leaving and will not be with us but we all wish her luck at her new job. Well we had a few moments to give Vani her presents and say a prayer for her. After that we had a waiata (song) for her and then a haka preformed by some of our students, to end it off. Also it's moments like these you need to treasure. So Vani if you are reading this then I would like to say a big thank you and we will miss you on behalf of Pt England and we wish you the very best at your new job. Farewell Vani.

Niue Language Week

Image result for niue language week 2017
Image result for pt england niuean group

Fakalofalahi atu, it's Niuean language week this week. Today at assembly we had our lovely Niuean group preform in front of the whole school and they were fantastic. We had our lovely and beautiful young ladies and our strong and fierce young men. First it was our young ladies dancing and then after that it was a strong and fierce young men doing the Niuean haka.  Everyone enjoyed their performance and I enjoyed it so much too, and felt all the energy coming from them. So have a great week and enjoy Niue language week. Koe Kia.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Explanation writing: Getting ready for testing week

Role models surround us and they pass on information of ways to become a role model. So I will be telling you 3 ways of how to be a good role model.

One way to be a good role model is to always use appropriate words and use appropriate actions in front of everyone, especially the little kids. Using appropriate words and actions in front of the younger ones will teach them that using inappropriate words and actions will affect them and the next generation, and also get them into quite a lot of trouble.

Another way is to treat others the same way you want to be treated. A lot of people around the world disrespect other people and that starts to hurt their feelings. Bossing, disrespecting and being really awful to others does affect your reputation and I don’t think you would want that. So treating others the same way you want to be treated will help you with tough things in the future.

Lastly is to finish it off properly. Finishing it off properly means finishing your work at high standards and not slacking off, just because it is nearly the end of the year/school. So remember never slack off because if you show that in front of people then they will not think your being a good role model.

So these are my 3 ways to become a good role model and reasons about what happens if you are the opposite of it. Now I’ve told you 3 ways to be a good role model and you can start setting an example for the younger ones. Also a role model will most likely achieve greater things in the future. If you have ways to become a good role model then use them because these are just some of my ways. If you want to achieve greater things in the future then become a role model now.            

Monday, 16 October 2017

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Walt: Use different strategies to solve addition and subtraction word problems.
It is the first week of term 4, and this week we are learning use different strategies to solve addition and subtraction word problems. We have our test coming up in week 3 and so we are getting ready by practicing our place value partitioning, reversibility, rounding and compensation, equal addition and last subtracting in parts. For each question we answered we had to use two different strategies for each question.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Great Flounder Expedition

WOW what a blast it was to go out on our very own tamaki estuary to catch baby flounders. Why are we catching baby flounders you ask? Well the fish population is decreasing because more and more greedy people seem to catch fish and put them in stores to sell or even just take it home with them and cook it. But the flounder team and I weren't doing that, we were catching baby flounders to put them into our school fish tank. We saw that the fish numbers were decreasing so by catching fish and putting them into our tank, they will have a better chance of surviving.

How long will we be keeping them for? We will be keeping the flounders up until the are and adult and then we can release them, then they will have a better chance of surviving. How many did we catch? Well we caught more than 50 baby flounders but we could only keep 12 in our tank and the rest were put back into the ocean, but 9 had been given to Kauri Flats school because they only had caught 4. How did we feel before, during and after? Before we went out into the water we had did a karakia (Prayer) we all felt excited and amazing that we had the chance to go out and save the fish. During while we were pulling the net along the surface the whole of Pt England had walked down to watch us for a bit and sing a waiata/himene and while they were singing I felt the energy come from them and all the blessings and thoughts that were going on. The aftermath was incredible because we caught so much flounders, a bit of sardines, crabs and a lot of rocks and shells.

 Who were involved? Well there was Roimata, Aysha, Aliyah, Daniella, Lyi Sorn, Angel, John Armour, Justus, Angelo, Isaac, Hosea, Whaea Saf, Tyson, Peter, Sarah, Mr Vogt, Mr Somerville, Mr Jacobsen and myself (Danielle). What did we do with the fish? Well we took the fish back to school and chose the decent sized ones and put them into our tank, and the rest went back into the awa (River) and some went to Kauri Flats school. How did you feel at the end of the day? I felt exhausted and so did everyone else because pulling the net was heavy and a bit difficult because we were sinking into the sand.

Also on behalf of the flounder team we would like to say a massive thanks to all the helpers and mostly to peter for flying all the way to Auckland (NZ) just to help us with our expedition and also lending us your fishing net (He only had 2 hours of sleep because of his flight here, that's why he is amazing. If you don't know who Peter is he is a professional at fish (which means he knows a lot about fish, how to catch them and lots of interesting facts about all the different types of fish there are. So that was our wonderful adventure and everyone needs to keep our awa clean and not be so greedy for fish and other sea animals/creatures.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Tablemaster score

Here is a screen shot of what multiplication I did. I practiced my 13 time tables and it was difficult but after trying it a few times I got the hang of it. In my screen shot I took it shows the answer the I answered the fastest and the slowest. So my fastest answered question was 1 x 13 and my slowest was 5 x 13. In the right hand corner it shows you/me how long it took me to answer all questions. It took me 39 seconds. Next time I will make sure that I practice in getting a faster time. At the bottom  it shows my results. So this is my score for today and if you want to play and practice your time tables click the link HERE and it will take you straight to the site.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Our film festival experience

Well it's that time again where the whole of Pt England will be going off to watch all the different Manaiakalani movies that other schools made. It was quite challenging to get the movie done but the challenges that I experienced was trying to be active in 2 different places at once, because there were 2 movies that I had to film. Room 5 and I have only started filming last week (week 8) and got it done asap. What I really enjoyed was being able to film in 2 movies that were completely different. Also actually getting both movies finished in time even though there were some difficulties of people being away when we needed them so much. Next time when I make another film for our Manaiakalani film festival, I will make sure that I get more involved and also build my confidence up as I tend to get really nervous. I won't give too much away because you need to wait patiently for the Manaiakalani film festival and then you will see what our movie is all about (for extension and home class). So be there and enjoy.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Ratio and Proportion Word Problems

WALT: explain or show the steps we took to solve each problem.
This week room 5 numeracy class and I have been learning our ratio and proportions. This is our task and we had word problems that we had to solve. Some questions were quite tricky when it came to ratio, but I still practice and I am getting quite good at it. If you want to give it a crack then go ahead and try some of my questions and put your answer in a different way and in your own words.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Taking Flight: Using your imagination

"I was travelling in the 'Radio-Flyer; when I unexpectedly appeared in space. As I was travelling through space I came across aliens. The aliens had knifelike teeth, beady eyes, really short but was big headed and had the most foul smell ever. The alien army was ready and so was I. So I grabbed my space gun and executed them. It all came down to me and the shameful leader. As I stared into his beady eyes, I was prepared to remove my gun from my capsule. We both circled continuously until he ordered the last alien standing to attack me from behind, but I swiftly moved out of the way and the alien had clashed into the leader. Their leader was down and I was victorious.

Here is the video.

 This week we are learning to hook the reader in using precise language in our writing. This video here is about a boy and the grandpa that use their imagination and go on a fantastic journey in the radio flyer. Now after watching this video I had to pick one adventure that they went on and use my imagination and write it down. My writing is about how the boy and his grandpa went into space and fought aliens. So watch the video and imagine yourself in one of those adventures. Please comment nice things. Have a nice day and imagine hard.

Using precise language

Walt: engage our readers by using precise language in our writing.

This term room 1 literacy and I have been learning about how to use precise language in our writing to hook the reader in. What is precise language? Precise language is something that authors use when they write their book. Like for example:
Not Precise language- John was cold and he put his jacket on to keep him warm.
Precise Language-  John felt the cold chill slither up his spine. So he swiftly grabbed his cozy, warm and soft jacket and put it on as slow as a sloth.
Which one of these do you think are more intriguing and which one isn't. If you picked the second one then you are right. The second sentence has words that describe about the coldness. So this is my presentation about precise language.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Multiplication Pyramid

WALT:   explain or show the steps we took to solve each word problem (Ratios & Proportions) 

This is here a multiplication pyramid. The pyramid is used as an exercise. So this is my multiplication pyramid.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Monday, 4 September 2017

Geometry: Practicing reflection

Walt: rotate, reflect and translate shapes.
 This photo here is a question that I had already done. It is about reflecting the image you see. This was the easiest question there was.However this here was quite tricky for me but in the end I figured it out. I didn't understand it at first but once I chose my answer and got it                                                                                    wrong, it told me why the answer was The line y = 2.

We are learning to understand the different types of transformations there are like reflection, rotation and translation in geometry, but not only geometry, there are other things in maths that you need these things. So our walt (We are learning to) for this week is, Walt: rotate, reflect and translate shapes.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Geometry: 2D and 3D shapes

For this week our theme for maths is Geometry. We had to build a 3D model out of small building blocks and we had to then draw it as a 2D drawing. We had to get a top view, birds eye view, side view and perspective view. So that's what we are learning so take a look at my presentation here.

Monday, 28 August 2017


Today my numeracy class and I are working on our geometry. We had to build something using small building cubes and build a rocket ship with our partner. Next we had to draw a 2D version of our 3D  rocket ship, which was the side, birds eye view, front and perspective view without looking at our building. Here is some pictures of my building from different views.

Perspective view             Side view                         Birds view                 Front view

Anyway we are learning to draw a 2D representation of a 3D model  and draw a plan from a side, front and top view.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

My I Wonder Animation

Kia ora. Welcome to my blog and thanks for coming to see my animation. Here my animation is about the galaxy and our theme was Guardians of the Galaxy. We had to search and draw things about our wonderful and massive galaxy. We had to write down our questions that we wanted to know and it had to start off with "I Wonder". So enjoy my animation.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

GEGNZ student summit

Today the 11th of August the year 7 and 8 extension group had the privilege  to go to this years GEGNZ at Ormiston Junior College. The first and second session were a little boring and the last was alright. Ormiston Junior College was such a big school and had all these things that a kid would ever want in a junior and senior school. Anyway the extension group and I had split up into 2 groups and they were the p.e.n.n crew and the scratch crew. We had the chance to go to different workshops around the school and we had saw some cool rooms.

But first we had to go into this big theater that was built into the school and we had to listen to Ormiston Junior College  sing us a waiata as a welcoming gift. Then after that we had a father and daughter speak about their mind blowing adventure under the sea and they were known as the "Young Ocean Explorers." Next we had a house keeping talk and then straight after that we moved onto our first session and my group and I (scratch team) moved onto Osmos, makey-makey and lots more.

Later on when we were released from the house keeping talk the p.e.n.n group and the Scratch team headed their separate ways. The p.e.n.n group went on to show how our school does p.e.n.n for 45 minutes and as I said the scratch team went to a workshop to see what other people were talking about. So our 45 minutes was up and it was our turn to present what we did and it was a tutorial on how to use scratch and to show them how to create the game "beat the goalie". I was quite nervous at first but then half way through I was confident. It was pretty annoying because the internet connections was really bad but we got through it and finished. Sadly we didn't have enough time to finish presenting our presentation all because of technical difficulties.

It was a pretty big and a splendid day at Ormiston Junior College. Wow and that school is amazing. Anyway thanks to Tyson and Miss Va'afusuaga for helping Mrs Langitupu for making it possible for the year 7 and 8 extension group and I to go to an really exciting event. So that was the extension group and I's long day.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Online Profile Web

Kia Ora my name is Danielle and this is my Online Profile web page. Today we had to make up our own and to tell people what we want to be. This here is my own I created and everything there is all true. I thought of making one up but i didn't want to.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Reflecting on my speech

This is my speech reflection. Here I have told you what I think I did really well when I said my speech and I few things that I need to work on. My speech was about animal abuse. I was so scared to say my speech in front of my literacy class. I was happy that I received feedback from my class and it was great to hear what people thought I did good.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

The end of my fantastic trip around New Zealand

So this is the end of my fantastic trip exploring and learning more about my home country New Zealand. Sightseeing, interviewing and learning about the native people and animals/mammals in New Zealand and so much more. I would like to thank Rachel and some other people who have set up the winter learning journey for all Manaiakalani kids to blog in the holidays and go look and comment on other peoples blog. So huge shout out to those people. Also good luck to everyone who has competed in the winter learning journey and I wish you guys the very best.

What I've learnt in the holidays? So I've been catching up with my maths and writing. I figured that I needed to work extra hard this term and so by practicing what I'm really bad at will help me instead of using the calculator (that other people use).  What I've learnt during my trip? I've learnt that we have more to New Zealand than meets thy eye. Like for example I never knew that we had dolphins that were only found in New Zealand called the Hector dolphin, learning about the most amazing places to visit like Tane Mahuta or Rangitoto. Anyway that's what I've learnt during my free time and the winter learning journey programme. What I disliked about it? I have no dislikes about anything, everything was great even during this really wet and cold weather. What surprised me on my journey? Well everything surprised me and I couldn't remember all the things that surprised me because there are too many to count. That's the end and I hope you enjoyed being on my journey with me, and also I hope that it was fun for you as it was fun for me. Again huge thanks to Rachel and her team for putting all of this together. KA KITE ANO!!!

Rating three haka performances by the All Blacks

So I have watched 3 All Blacks performances they did for the rugby world cup and I am rating those 3 from the best to the worst (I mean alright).

So first would have to be this one because they were fierce and they weren't embarrassed to do their pukana.  I pick this one because not only were they just fierce and did their pukana but it was intriguing, everyone was cheering like they always do and they were in sync. So that's my first one. Click Here to watch the video.

In second would be be the one against the All Blacks and South Africa last year. Why is this one in second? you might be asking... well this one became second only because they didn't have enough energy out into it. I know you're probably thinking that they need their energy for their game but were talking about the haka right now. The haka should be performed with kia kaha and not embarrassment.
So that's my second one. Click Here to watch the video.

And finally in third place would be the All Blacks against Argentina. Well the only reason this haka was in last place only because nearly all of them weren't taking it seriously and didn't do it properly. You're probably saying "How does she know anything about doing the haka?" well I am in the kapa haka group and my tutor is Whaea Saf. Anyway the All Blacks weren't projecting their voice and so that's why I chose this one as last. Click Here to watch the video.

That's all and if you disagree with my that's find and so you should write what you think in the comment below.

Why fishing in Farewell Spit should be banned

There are dolphins called the Hector dolphins and they are only found in New Zealand at Farewell Spit. The Hector dolphins is the smallest dolphin known and measures up to 1.5 meters. Hector dolphins are very rare and the numbers go down every year all because of fishermen. Do you think fishing in Farewell Spit should be banned? well here is what I have to say about that. All fishermen should be banned from fishing at Farewell Spit because they are killing hundredths of Hector dolphins with their fishing nets. As I've already said these dolphins are rare and they should not be killed every time a fishermen goes out there. So that's why I think that people should stop fishing at Farewell Spit. If you agree/disagree with me then write in the comments down below and tell me why you agree/disagree.

A Hector dolphin caught in a net and the next one is a Hector dolphin that died.
Image result for hector dolphin
Image result for hector dolphin

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Adopting a native bird

I have the chance to adopt a native or non- native animal. I would adopt the Great Spotted Kiwi. The "Great Spotted Kiwi" is native to New Zealand which means that it is normally found in New Zealand. 

About the "Great Spotted Kiwi":
What kind of animal is this? The Great spotted kiwi is a flightless brown kiwi.

What do they eat? The Great spotted kiwi eat mostly small invertebrates, especially earthworms and larvae of beetles and cicadas; they also eat centipedes, spiders, beetles, weta, snails and freshwater crayfish. Some small fallen fruit and leaves are eaten.

Where are they normally found? They are normally found in the northern- western all the way up to the Southern Island. They life to live in forested areas, scrub lands and grass lands.  They usually sleep in burrows, hollow logs or under dense vegetation.

How big can it grow?A kiwi is about the size of a chicken. There are five species. The largest is the northern brown kiwi, which grows up to 20 to 25 inches (50 to 65 centimeters) and weighs 3.2 to 11 lbs. (1.4 to 5 kilograms). The smallest is the little spotted kiwi. It grows up to 14 to 18 inches (35 to 45 cm) and weighs 4.3 lbs. (0.8 to 1.9 kg). 

Does it have any other names? The other names that are used for this kiwi is Rora or Roroa.
Population: There are about 15,000 of them, with about 55% in Northwest Nelson, 30% in Paparoa range and 15% in the Southern Alps. 

So thats some facts about the Great spotted kiwi. So in the comment section below tell me what kind of native or non - native animal will you adopt. 

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Interviewing my brother

Kia Ora so today I am going to interview my brother about the five things he enjoys doing out-doors. Kia Ora Jacob so what are the five things you enjoy doing out-doors.

Jacob: I only have three favorite things I like doing out-doors.

Me: Thanks for letting me interview you and maybe next time you can think of 2 more things that you like doing out-doors. That's all from me and have a good day, Ka kite ano

Questions that I would ask Laura Dekker

Here are five questions I would ask Laura Dekker if I was to interview her about sailing around the world.

1. Who inspired you to sail?
2. Why did you sail across the globe?
3. When did you start sailing?
4. What kind of things did you see or experience while you were on your long journey?
5. Did you enjoy your journey?

So those are the five questions I would ask Laura Dekker if I had the chance to interview her.

Rangitoto,KareKare and Tane Mahuta

Taking a sightseeing around NZ it is time to look at three special places.
1. Rangitoto- Rangitoto is the youngest Island in New Zealand. It is an Auckland icon and has a lot of history. It has been a favorite place for taking trips, walking, sailing and also discovering many mysteries based on the island and the natives of New Zealand (Maori). 

2. KareKare- KareKare is one of Auckland's most astonishing beaches and forested areas. Karekare beach is located on Auckland's west coast between Piha in the north and Whatipu in the south. Karekare waterfall, known by the Kawerau people as ‘Te Ahoaho' or ‘pendulous white thread', is nestled a short walk from the main beach arrival area.

3. Tane Mahuta- Tane Mahuta is the largest and oldest living kauri tree in New Zealand. Tane Mahuta ('Lord of the Forest') is New Zealand’s largest known living kauri tree.According to Maori mythology Tane is the son of Ranginui the sky father and Papatuanuku the earth mother. Tane was the child that tore his parents apart. As told Tane Mahuta said that it was too cramped between Papatuanuku (Earth mother) and Ranginui (Sky father).

If you were to ask which was my favorite place out of these three then it would be none of them. Why you maybe asking? Well it is cause I love all of these places so I couldn't really chose of which one was the best. So that's the end of this trip and I hope you enjoyed and learnt about these most incredible places.

Five things I enjoy here in NZ

Here I am going to tell you five things I enjoy here in Aotearoa (NZ).
1. I really, really, really love going to Rainbow send. (if you don't know what that is, it's an amusement park.)
2. I enjoy going to the museum to discover more about my country, the past and my culture (Maori).
3. I also enjoy taking long walks around the coast of Mission Bay beach.
4. Going to the zoo is really cool because you get to see a lot of endangered animals and get to experience things that you've never experienced before.
5. The sky tower is the tallest man-made structure in NZ and you can base jump or you can just have an amazing view of the city.

Monday, 3 July 2017


Here is my photo of my Sudoku I completed in about 1 minutes and 30 seconds. It was tricky but I think I made some mistakes. If there are any please comment below. Thanks you and try a Sudoku puzzle for yourself.

Multiplication Pyramid

Here is my multiplication pyramid that I did during numeracy. How to do this? the two number together like 5 and 1 you multiply them. So for example you do: 1 x 5 = 5, then 5 x 3 = 15 and so on. Now you get what is happening here. I hope this helps you with your multiplication.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

My design of a new NZ flag

This is my design for our new NZ flag. I drew this on sumo paint. Why I drew this flag? I drew this flag because it has 2 koru joined together and it also has a islander design in the middle. So not only is it Maori but it also has a pacific design on it too. The words on it tell people who we are (we are Maori), it tells them where were from and that we are strong together. Maybe you can draw a flag of your own that has a meaning behind it, so good luck bloggers.

3 facts about New Zealand

1. New Zealand is the land of Maori's (kiwi's) and so did you know that there is about 4.4+ million people that are New Zealanders. 69% are European, 14.6% are native, 9.2% are Asian and 6.9% non Maori pacific.

2. Over 400 years ago Maori's voyaged (sailed) thousands of miles across the vast unknown pacific ocean. Also to this day or even very moment, the Maori cultures now part of New Zealand's national (world wide) identity.

3. The longest place name in the world is Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu, a hill in Hawkes Bay.

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Tenths and Hundredths

WALT: recognize and understand tenths and hundredths.

This week my maths group Calculators and I have been learning about tenths and hundredths. In this task we also had to write the decimal, fraction and mixed number. With the matching one we had to draw a line from the number on the right to it's name on the left. 

Instructions on how to play my scratch game

How to play my scratch game:
1. To move your space craft use the arrow keys.
2.As there are enemies you need to get rid of them so to do that you use the space bar to shoot.
3. If you are hit/touched by the enemy then you restart.

Your score is always set to 0 so each time you hit an enemy then you get 1 point. If you are touched by them then your score is set to 0 again then you have to play to gain more points.

What I've read about space traveling

The challenges of making my scratch game

The challenges that I had for my scratch game was to shoot the bullet out of my space ship, getting the right co-ordinates right and making my enemies vanish when my bullets hits them. Those were my challenges. How I solved them: I solved my problem by watching a video of how to shoot bullets from our space ship. Click here to see the video. Well those were my challenges and out of al of them shooting them was the hardest. Also if you want to see my scratch game click HERE and see what my friends and I have done.

Making my game was really difficult and so when I was finished making my game I started to play on it and then suddenly it stopped working. I was really frustrated but in the end it still didn't turn  out well. The extension group and I are all beginners in coding so we were stuck on thy shooting and making the aliens disappear.

First Challenge: Getting the alien to disappear
Second Challenge: Shooting
Third Challenge: Getting the right co-ordinates

Thats all of my challenges That I had during the making of my group and I's scratch game.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Key Competency - Managing self

WALT: 1. Show how much progress we can make in one maths session 2. Articulate what we are learning about .
Talofa Bloggers

Today our class is focusing on our Key Competencies. Our aim was to stay on task and see how much progress we make for maths in one maths block. This should set the standard for how much work we complete each time we have numeracy.

Here is my maths work I have completed today.

What I found out about space

This is what I learnt about space and what and exo-brake is. Everything I have learnt about it is right above and to me it is quit interesting. The photos above show you the exo-brake being launched and how the make it. I hope this is interesting to you and I hope you like it. If you want to visit the website I wet on to look at space travel and others, click HERE to go straight to that website.

Friday, 26 May 2017

3 days without the year 8's

For the past 2 days the year 8's have been off at camp and the year 7's, a couple of year 8's and I have been back at school doing some great activities like: making truffles, relays/races of stacking cups up and putting them pack down and so much more.

One the first day we all got in our team groups and they were Munchies, Churries and Fobalicious and then after that we had did our chant and I thought that Churries chant was the best. We had lovely teachers who ran different stations and they are Mrs Judd, Whaea Kelly and Mr Slade. They stations were paper work and posters, marshmallow buildings using past sticks.

The second day the munchies and I moved onto team building with Mrs Judd and Mose. What we had to do was to build that tallest tower or building using marshmallows and pasta. Sadly no one had got any points because people had gotten frustrated and wrecked their tower/building. After that was the cup challenge where we had to stack cups using an elastic rubber band and some strings. When that was finish the stacking cup challenge was last before we moved onto making truffles with Whaea Kelly. After lunch was great because we got to play soccer, tag and netball after lunch. Well it was just yesterday that we did that stuff.