Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Tenths and Hundredths

WALT: recognize and understand tenths and hundredths.

This week my maths group Calculators and I have been learning about tenths and hundredths. In this task we also had to write the decimal, fraction and mixed number. With the matching one we had to draw a line from the number on the right to it's name on the left. 

Instructions on how to play my scratch game

How to play my scratch game:
1. To move your space craft use the arrow keys.
2.As there are enemies you need to get rid of them so to do that you use the space bar to shoot.
3. If you are hit/touched by the enemy then you restart.

Your score is always set to 0 so each time you hit an enemy then you get 1 point. If you are touched by them then your score is set to 0 again then you have to play to gain more points.

What I've read about space traveling

The challenges of making my scratch game

The challenges that I had for my scratch game was to shoot the bullet out of my space ship, getting the right co-ordinates right and making my enemies vanish when my bullets hits them. Those were my challenges. How I solved them: I solved my problem by watching a video of how to shoot bullets from our space ship. Click here to see the video. Well those were my challenges and out of al of them shooting them was the hardest. Also if you want to see my scratch game click HERE and see what my friends and I have done.

Making my game was really difficult and so when I was finished making my game I started to play on it and then suddenly it stopped working. I was really frustrated but in the end it still didn't turn  out well. The extension group and I are all beginners in coding so we were stuck on thy shooting and making the aliens disappear.

First Challenge: Getting the alien to disappear
Second Challenge: Shooting
Third Challenge: Getting the right co-ordinates

Thats all of my challenges That I had during the making of my group and I's scratch game.