Saturday, 16 July 2016

Last night of Matariki

Waking up and desperately trying to wake up everyone else at we got ready for matariki, even though it wasn't until 6:00. The time arrived as we headed out at 6:30pm and we were shivering as it was cold as ice sits in your mouth. Once my mum,brothers,sister,some friends and I got down by Mabury reserve, we thought we would be hungry so we bought some treats and glow sticks for fun.

Finally we were all set and ready to enter Mabury reserve as it shines and glows with lights. We see people smiling, singing and having an extraordinary night. My brother Anania, my sister Izabelle and I went around in a spiral.

There were lighted up jellyfish hanging from the tallest rakau there was in the Maybury reserve.

Matariki ko te Tau Hou maori motuhake mo tatou iwi Maori , me te tahi atu iwi ahurea oaoa te reira tino pea mo to ratou wa tuatahi . ko oaoa te katoa. (Matariki is a special maori new year for us maori people and other cultural people enjoyed it most probably for their first time. Everyone was happy)

Everyone had fun and other Whanau everywhere smiled, danced, laughed, sang and played with their young ones. Then it was time for the fireworks, everyone went somewhere where it was a better view to see the fireworks. BOOM!! went the first one the BOOM!!!! went the next second then BOOM BOOM BOOM there were fireworks lighting up our beautiful night sky. People were screaming, jumping, taking photo's and recording. What a night it was as it was the last night of Matriki, the Maori new year.

IIt came to an end where everyone started to head off and people were a little bit sad that it was over, but at least it was a beautiful night. That was our night at the Matariki light trail and firework day. mana'o Māori o Maori Tau Hou ki a tatou rite reira rā. (Maori new year to us Maori's feels like it everyday)

Camping and caring

Yesterday my family and I went out camping.  We went to Palmerston north. We went there as a family holiday camp and to also have a fun day. We cooked marshmallows over the fire and had a big fire where my older brother would tell a story. Then we had a challenge that was to sleep without a sleeping bag for 1 day and I won. Now today at 6:00 o'clock in the morning we woke up and packed our gear to travel back from Palmerston north back home. We had an adventure but my mum was to tired to do the dishes we had from camp so I volunteered to wash, dry and pack the dishes away as my mum rests to gather her energy back from camp. We were all tired but will forever treasure our memories from camp in Palmerston north. That was my  best holiday day ever.

Rainbowend trip

Today my family and I went to Rainbow's end for a family trip and to have fun. Also to make sure my mum can have fun then do work. All she does was work and work and work. Today we all went out and made sure we had fun, especially for my mum since she is very fragile. As we finished having fun at the adults and other older kids like me went on the big kids rides we went to the Kidz kingdom for my little brother Anania and my little sister Izabelle. My brother was filled with joy and was delighted to go for the first time at Rainbow's end. My little sister felt tired so we went home and started to rest and work out all our fatness we gained since we started to eat a lot of lollies. So that was my family's and I best day at Rainbow's end.

Helping out homeless people

Today at exactly 1:00 pm, my brother, little sister, Mum and I went to the Pt England shops we saw a old man but my mum didn't have enough money to give him. I had $200 to spend but I gave half to a homeless man that was singing and playing a broken guitar. I gave him $100 to him and said "Thanks you god bless you," "My name is Manafau." I said " God bless you too and my name is Danielle." As I watched him walk into the shop he was crying, but his tears was the tears of a blessing and joy. He was so happy he bought him some food, a drink and some clothes in G.I. I cried but in a good way as Jeffery walked away blessed. That is my story on how I am making kindness go viral.

Cleaning secretly

Today at 2:40 in the morning I woke up and started to clean so my fragile beautiful mum didn't have to do the cleaning she could just kick back. When she woke up at 6:30 am she was surprised that everything was cleaned and thought a miracle had happened to her. I never told her it was me I wanted to surprise her later on. She was just so relaxed in bed on her phone. I then made her some breakfast in bed. All I did to make her happy was vacuum the floor, wash and dry the clothes, Putting clothes away with towels, wash and dry the dishes and lots more. It was a great morning for my mum and all she had to do was enjoy herself.

Metal detecting

Today my brother Anania and I went out metal detecting. We were really in search of coins and badges and lots more. We were outside near the creek at the back of my house. We metal detect for an hour and a half. " Look at what I found!" exclaimed Anania. I quickly rushed over and he found a WW1 badge but didn't know what country it was from. My first find of the day was a Welch Regiment badge and a Australian 10c coin. As we dug and dug and dug to see what we could find Anania and I found three little monkey statues, and we researched it up online and found out it was the three wise monkeys that comes from Japan and China. The meaning of the three wise monkeys were See no evil. They on that covers its eyes means, See no evil, the one that covers its ears means hear no evil and that one that covers it's mouth means speak no evil. After it had hit 10:30am we left and came back home. We were exhausted from digging as the mud was very hard. Here are all of our things we found. Hope you enjoy this and try it out someday yourself.

Friday, 8 July 2016

What sport i would do in the olympics?

What sport should i do in the olympics? I ask myself. I would pick boxing as i have more experience about it. I practice with a very special and popular boxing person that you can try to guess. You're hint is he starts with a J and ends with a P. He is very cool and teaches me a lot of things based on how to block properly, kick properly and punch by standing and moving in the right formation. I wish that there were more girls than boys doing boxing in the olympics.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Rhyming songs/raps

If it means there feeling down
And need some help
To get up again
Say something nice to them
And try to be there friend

maybe one of ur friends is being
mean to the others
Treat them as if they were ur sisters and brothers
Don’t pretend it’s cool
Help the person getting hurt

Share kindness around the world
As it would be helpful
Cuz in life not everyone is successful

Spot the block, the food labels provide
Nutrition facts of what’s packed inside.
Before u eat ur food
Or quench your thirst
U got to spot the block and Know your food facts first

Fantasy’s can run
But they can’t hide
And when i find it, i'm gonna
Pour all my love inside

Ur probably thinking this type of swag is impossible
And logically will probably but you just take me lyrically
Try to feel me spiritually, get out of your mind literally
There’s a bigger me inside this little me
Screaming out i should make history
Like i'm a mystery, hated by jealousy
Cuz i was the one taking it seriously

Maybe i'm lenox i'm strong till the finish
I'm like a ghetto popeye but don’t eat spinach
I’ma keep going, i keep on flowing
Just like the Nile
Million dollar mouthpiece
every time i smile

Now everybody knows there exceptions to this rule
Now don’t be getting mad this rule is cool
But don’t be calling out my name
I’ll bring wrath to those who disrespect me like a dame
Let your soul shine
It’s better than the sunshine
It’s better than the moonshine
Damn sure better than the rain
Yeah sure people don’t mind
We all get this way sometimes
Gotta let your soul shine, shine till the break of day
Sometimes a man can feel this emptiness
Like a woman has robbed him of his very soul
A woman too, God knows, She can feel like this
And when your world seems cold, you gotta let your spirit take control.

He was only seventeen
In a madman's dream
The cops shot the kid
And I still hear his screams
This ain't funny
Don't you dare laugh
I guess he hated life and took the wrong path
This poem is based on my cousin who passed away

When i am a old lady
I won’t be able to walk or stand
I wish i was a nice young celebrity
So i would have a lot of fans
They would scream at me cuz i'm so famous
and i'll be happy till the end
it's like a roller coaster to heaven at rainbows end

My championship title on the line

On the 30th of May, I had a kickboxing match. It was to gain the undisputed championship title/belt back. I am now challenged again at 6:30pm. Read on for more.

I got ready and was on fire. I warmed up outside if it was raining or really sunny it didn’t matter to me. After 6 hours of waiting My coach, my mum, my sister, my brother and I gathered all of what we needed for the trip to Otahuhu for my kickboxing match.

As we waited in the place of boredom, it felt like time was slowing down. Finally we arrived but we were 20 minutes early. After preparing for about 20 spare minutes everyone came to watch the epic match between Myself the undisputed kids champion holding the most glorious belt ever while the challenger Mack siva challenges me for it.

DING,DING,DING!!! The bells rings and the match starts. I take my stand, and i'm aware of all surroundings in the ring with me. I sway back and forths waiting for my opponent to strike first then it’s my turn to hit back, then i swing my leg to kick him but he blocks it then i’m cautious again. My opponent Mack kicks and kicks and kicks until i was tired and stressed about me thinking of losing.

I stand up as I was shaking my legs in pain as blood came down my leg, I ran, I jumped up and did a twist kick to knock him at and as planned it worked. I won but i had fainted because i was in pain that i had a serious wound on my head and knee. I was fine and still remaining kickboxing champion.

Mack was still out cold but the ref and some others helped him up, and while they were doing that my mum, coach, sister, brother and myself of course went to the hospital for me to get surgery on my knee. We celebrated until 2 o’clock in the morning. What a victory for me versing a 16 year old boy Mack Siva. There I was standing tall proudly holding my championship title up high as everyone shouted “Destorm!” as my nick name.

Monday, 4 July 2016

My E.P.G

Walt: correctly edit and punctuate sentences.

Room 1 literacy and I have been writing a lot this term and are now editing our writing by correctly editing and punctuating our sentences in each of our paragraphs. We have been given a presentation with short sentences and we have to fix them up to make sense. For an example: Ben went rollercoaster on the. Now we have to fix it up and it should look like this: Ben went on the rollercoaster.

History of the waka

Walt:Locate and summarise information
             Analyze ideas to reflect on the meaning

My group Wasps and I are summarising ideas into our own words and gathering info about the history of our waka. It's about how Polynesians and Maori's navigated on waka's using the stars, wind current, the sea, the clouds, the mountains and the birds.