Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Creating Games with Scratch and the Makey Makey

What a blast it has been to understand and use the Makey Makey set up. With that we had to choose out of making a band, a game show or a game for people with disabilities. My group and I chose the game show because it was more interesting and was more challenging to do. Well it took the yr 7/8 extension group and I 1 whole term and 2 weeks of term 4 to fully complete our projects. So with the help of Zoey from OMG tech, she helped us with all the things we need to know like setting up the Makey Makey or how to code on Scratch while using the Makey Makey and lots more difficult things. It was much more easier with the help of Zoey and things got done a little more faster than we thought it would take.

What I learnt was how to set up the Makey Makey set and how to create the buzzers by connecting the Makey Makey wires up to whatever we chose for our buzzer. Another thing I learnt was the different parts of the base of the Makey Makey. It was really complicate of me because i dont really understand coding and the different wires. What my group and I had to make was first our buzzer, then our questions and answers then after all that we had to start coding. The most challenging part was coding becasue I didnt quite understand how to code the buzzer so it would light up and make a sound for when they buzz.

So thats my reflection about my experience with Scratch and the Makey Makey. Everyone in the Yr 7/8 extension group and myself new that our task was gonna be really hard. So at the end when everyone had finished we had to present our games infront our the group and we could let a couple of people play. So thats what we did in term 3 and that was our task with Zoey. Try this out for yourself because it is certainly fun but complicated. Thats my experience with the Makey Makey and scratch and how cool it was. Also thanks to Mrs Langitupu for orginasing all this for our extension group, we love you.

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