Friday, 19 February 2016

Lost in the darkest forest

Walt: write a narrative story.
Lost in the darkest forest
In a little town lived John. John was a teenager that liked to travel. He called his friend James to come over and go hiking. “ Oh sure I will come over right now” said James in a happy mood. When James arrived him and John packed their back-packs and head out into the forest.

As they made their way into the darkest forest in history they became scared of what mystery could be in here. “ Let’s go James we don’t have much time i got to get back before it hits midnight” said John nervously shaking. As they kept on travelling throughout the forest they heard mysterious sound they've never heard before but they were brave enough to keep walking.
As it had gotten darker they forgot to get back before midnight. “ Hurry up James stop being a scaredy cat” whispered John, “But i want to go home it’s getting a little to dark for me” said James nervously shaking and being so cautious.” Help” screamed James.

When the had reached there destination they had forgotten to put piles of rocks just in case they got lost. Once it hit midnight they had gotten lost so they built a handmade cotton but it wasn't to shabby. Once again they woke up and heard a strange noise what it a human or animal?

They had woke up grabbed some sticks from the tree and pointed it at the mysterious moving bush. “ Who goes there” Shouted John, “ Come out and fight like a man or animal”. Suddenly a fast movement of a body quickly stands in front of James and said “ Are you lost are heard someone screaming for help was it you” said the old man. “ Yes, Yes we are who are you”stomped John bravely speaking. “ I am going to help you find your way out i have a compass” replied the old man. “ Thank you” politely said John.

Off there way they went and after 5 hours of travelling through the darkest forest then made it back to there car and off they went home.

Making Kindness go viral

Walt: make kindness go viral.

Kindness means sharing,giving,caring,loving and more important forgiving. Room 5 maths have been learning about making kindness go viral. What kindness means to us is mostly about forgiving. Forgive others as you have been forgiven. What would you do to make kindness go viral.