Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Questions that I would ask Laura Dekker

Here are five questions I would ask Laura Dekker if I was to interview her about sailing around the world.

1. Who inspired you to sail?
2. Why did you sail across the globe?
3. When did you start sailing?
4. What kind of things did you see or experience while you were on your long journey?
5. Did you enjoy your journey?

So those are the five questions I would ask Laura Dekker if I had the chance to interview her.

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  1. Hi Danielle,

    I think that you've come up with some great questions for Laura. I, too, would want know more about her experiences on the water and the inspiration behind her decision to sail around the world on her own. It is very brave, isn't it? I'm not sure that I would have made the same decision. Would you? Do you like the idea of sailing around the world all by yourself?

    I hope that Laura does come to New Zealand one day so that we can meet her and ask her these questions. It would be such an interesting discussion!

    Keep up the great blogging, Danielle. You're doing really well.

    Rachel :)


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