Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Carry on from our Owl

My team, Miss Eadie and I have been working hard to get this done. This owl's name is Te Ahorangi. Te Ahorangi in English from Maori means "the enlightened one". Our journey to getting Te Ahorangi  done is so close but we can't let our guard down and slack off (even though we have done that a few times). Paints have been spilled, dried up and used all up, paint brushes have been lost, paint gets on our clothes and patterns go wrong but all these mistakes that we have done, we are learning from it. So this is just a short update about our owl Te Ahorangi. Keep checking my blog for even more and new updates. Have a good day.

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  1. What I love about you Danielle is your attitude. No matter what has gone wrong with this project you stayed so positive and kept going.


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