Monday, 11 December 2017

Andrew Patterson and Raenan inspiration talk

What an inspiring talk that Mr. Andrew Patterson and Raenan (a former student from P.E.S). They had talked about setting your goals, take advantages of any opportunity, you are the boss of yourself and also changes won't happen if you don't change yourself.

 The two most uplifting and inspiring talks were taking advantages of your opportunities and changes won't happen if you don't change yourself.  If you don't know what taking advantages your opportunity mean, I will gladly tell you. Taking advantages of your opportunities means when there is an opportunity for anything then take it, and "changes won't happen if you don't change yourself" means making a change in your life or making a change in the world.

Anyway, Raenan had some awesome news to share and it was that he became deputy head boy at Tamaki College, and that was his goal for a long time. His other goal is to become a police officer and ever since he was little he dreamt of being one. This is a good example of saying set your goals and work hard become not everything is gonna work out the way you imagined it, but it was worth it. So remember aim for success and success will eventually come to you.

A - Aspiration
I - Inspiration
M - Motivation
Aspiration + Inspiration = Motivation

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

My experience this year

This year has been an awesome year in extension with Mrs Langitupu and the year 7's. As a year 8 I am gonna miss everyone in extension and I hope they do good in all test that they will be sitting next year. I have some advice for all the year 6's the will be in the year 7 and 8 extension group. Do well and always listen to Mrs Langitupu and also when your suppose to be told to be quite then please do because we weren't good at that this year. My highlights for this year is getting to be apart of this amazing extension group and doing coding and lots more fun things this year. Thats pretty much my highlights, experiences and advice towards all our younger extension people. Merry X-Mas and a happy new year everyone.