Friday, 17 February 2017

Explanation Reconstruction

WALT - Identify the structural features of an explanation text

This is my post about How glass bottles are made. You're probably wondering, "Whats the point of this?"
Well room 1 literacy class and I had to reconstruct the story about how glass bottles are made. This writing is called explanation writing. Mr Wiseman which is our literacy teacher had already written about it but had mixed them up. So what we had to do was put each paragraph in order. This is how I put mine in order.


  1. Kia ora ,my name is Alizzandro but my family call me Sandro. I like the way you explained the process of making a recycled glass bottle. I publish work for our topic this term as well. Where did you get your information from?

  2. Kia Ora Danielle
    I have read your post on how glass bottles are recycled and I have to say it really is a good post. It is explaining about how glass bottles are recycled and plus you get straight to the point. Well done :)


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