Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Why it is important to have school rules

Why is it important to have school rules? Well keep on reading to see why it is important.

One school rule we have at Pt England is to keep your hands and feet to yourselves. So what this basically means is to not punch, kick, slap or any other way to hurt others, because hurting others is bad and will get to into quite a lot of trouble.

Another school rule we have here is to respect school property and the property of others. This means to not trash school grounds, don’t tag or do graffiti on the walls or anywhere on school property, so that's what respecting school grounds. Respecting other people's property means not looking through all their private things and not trashing or stealing their belongings.

One last school rule is you must be cyber smart and use your device responsibly. You always need to watch out what you do online because it can always be recorded (seen in history) on your history and everyone can see what you do. So always be cyber smart when you are on your device.

So having school rules keeps the school balanced and that's why we need school rules and why it is important. So those were some of the school rules that we follow here at Pt England School. Having school rules are important and every school needs them if they don't have it already.

Friday, 20 October 2017

This Weeks Korero

This weeks korero made by our very own prefects is smiling makes a difference. Smiling makes a difference because when you smile at someone they begin feeling happy and their mood changes. Also if someone is angry about not getting an award or didn't make it in the team then give them a smile to make their day. So that's our korero for this week is smiling makes a difference.

Farewell to Vani

Today at assembly was very sad because our very own social worker Vani is leaving to work at her new job. It was so sad to see one of our amazing workers here at Pt England School is leaving and will not be with us but we all wish her luck at her new job. Well we had a few moments to give Vani her presents and say a prayer for her. After that we had a waiata (song) for her and then a haka preformed by some of our students, to end it off. Also it's moments like these you need to treasure. So Vani if you are reading this then I would like to say a big thank you and we will miss you on behalf of Pt England and we wish you the very best at your new job. Farewell Vani.

Niue Language Week

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Fakalofalahi atu, it's Niuean language week this week. Today at assembly we had our lovely Niuean group preform in front of the whole school and they were fantastic. We had our lovely and beautiful young ladies and our strong and fierce young men. First it was our young ladies dancing and then after that it was a strong and fierce young men doing the Niuean haka.  Everyone enjoyed their performance and I enjoyed it so much too, and felt all the energy coming from them. So have a great week and enjoy Niue language week. Koe Kia.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Explanation writing: Getting ready for testing week

Role models surround us and they pass on information of ways to become a role model. So I will be telling you 3 ways of how to be a good role model.

One way to be a good role model is to always use appropriate words and use appropriate actions in front of everyone, especially the little kids. Using appropriate words and actions in front of the younger ones will teach them that using inappropriate words and actions will affect them and the next generation, and also get them into quite a lot of trouble.

Another way is to treat others the same way you want to be treated. A lot of people around the world disrespect other people and that starts to hurt their feelings. Bossing, disrespecting and being really awful to others does affect your reputation and I don’t think you would want that. So treating others the same way you want to be treated will help you with tough things in the future.

Lastly is to finish it off properly. Finishing it off properly means finishing your work at high standards and not slacking off, just because it is nearly the end of the year/school. So remember never slack off because if you show that in front of people then they will not think your being a good role model.

So these are my 3 ways to become a good role model and reasons about what happens if you are the opposite of it. Now I’ve told you 3 ways to be a good role model and you can start setting an example for the younger ones. Also a role model will most likely achieve greater things in the future. If you have ways to become a good role model then use them because these are just some of my ways. If you want to achieve greater things in the future then become a role model now.            

Monday, 16 October 2017

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Walt: Use different strategies to solve addition and subtraction word problems.
It is the first week of term 4, and this week we are learning use different strategies to solve addition and subtraction word problems. We have our test coming up in week 3 and so we are getting ready by practicing our place value partitioning, reversibility, rounding and compensation, equal addition and last subtracting in parts. For each question we answered we had to use two different strategies for each question.