Thursday, 24 March 2016

Inferring character traits

WALT: Infer the character traits of different characters

Room 1 literacy are learning to gather info of the character traits of different characters. He are gathering some things about a certain character, and comparing the differences based on how good or bad they are.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Using correct punctuation

WALT: punctuate sentences correctly.
This week we are learning on how to use our punctuation correctly in our writing. Punctuation are . ? " " ! or , that you use before closing off a speech. When using speech marks you have to have some sort of punctuation before closing it off. For an example- " Hey John I'm gonna go to the store to pick up some bread," said Bryan. " 10 minutes will do." So as you can see at the end of bread I put a comma beacsue John was still gonna talk. A full stop at the end of do is when he stops talking and walks away.

Friday, 11 March 2016

The Lost Statues of the Muntabs

WALT: think from the characters point of view.
Lost statues of the Muntabs
In a old camp site there was Anthony and Murray. Anthony and Murray were best friends but wanted to explore instead of sitting in one place 24/7. “Hey Anthony,” whispered Murray, “Do you want to go out on a trip.” Anthony’s heart was burned from his body, His eyes filled with tears and he rushed out as quick as a cheetah.

“What would I do to keep Anthony away from dangerous things in the swamp,” panicked Murray. “ Could I lure him in with something.” In search of Anthony he found a statue, but not a normal statue of people. “ Anthony,” shouted Murray “I found something.”Where abouts are you” ” I’m over here.” As it turned night, the shine of the moon came down like a light from heaven. The light shined down at the statue, while the full moon passes.

It was a lost statue of the ancient Muntabs. Muntabs were ancient warriors that were first born into the world. In the distance were more statues. Moonlight shines on water,statues and the beautiful shine of water as the crescent moon shines way up in the sky. As Anthony finally found Murray they started to discover things that have never been revealed before.

While they were digging for interesting artifacts they thought about handing them in to the university for museums.“We have only found 28 Muntabs statues let’s find more!” Exclaimed Anthony. “ It’s enough,” replied Murray. “We don’t need any more let’s leave some for others to discover.” So off they went with artifacts about the Muntabs and travelled away from the light of the moon.

They had got back from travelling in private property while they heard howls coming from each sides of them 1 howl, 2 howl and 3 howls. “Hey look we are finally back,” mumbled Murray. “ What a day of relic finding.” They made their way back in their tent.Falling asleep slowly another howl was heard in the distance. Anthony woke up. In a rush “Murray.” screamed Anthony as he was frightened by such noise outside.

“Ahhhhhhh,” shouted Murray with his heart pounding as if he was going to faint. “ You almost scared me to death, what's wrong.” Murray whispered angrily.
“There,there are Muntabs.” said Anthony shivering cold.
“There is no such thing as Muntabs alive,” replied Murray. “ Now go back to sleep.”
So as they went back to sleep Anthony felt better that there were no Muntabs.


Reading Diagrams

WALT: Read graphs, analyse data, and report on statistical findings.

Last week room 5 maths class were learning about reading diagrams. Diagrams are different ways of solving maths problems. There are tree diagram,line graph,pictogram,histograph,tally chart, dot plot,scatter plot,bar graph,box&whiskers, pie graph, strip graph. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Word problem and key words

WALT: Read graphs, analyse data, and report on statistical findings.
This week we are doing word problems and key words for maths. We are
given a question to answer and we have to use the key word. Like for an example: addition,subtraction,division and multiplication.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Badge of honour

Walt: think about our characters point of view.

This is my presentation about the book badge of honour. This tells you about 4 kids being given badges to be school captains. They have responsibility's to show that they are worthy of being a school captain. We are learning to think about our characters point of view.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

My visual mihi

Walt: make our own visual mihi.

This my visual mihi. My visual mihi tells you about what I like,what I do and what I am. The Cook island flag represents my culture. The church represents my Nana. The two up top is a anime movie that I like. The one on the left is Madara and the other one on the right is Sasuke. There from Naruto.I hope you enjoy looking at my visual mihi.