Friday, 15 September 2017

Taking Flight: Using your imagination

"I was travelling in the 'Radio-Flyer; when I unexpectedly appeared in space. As I was travelling through space I came across aliens. The aliens had knifelike teeth, beady eyes, really short but was big headed and had the most foul smell ever. The alien army was ready and so was I. So I grabbed my space gun and executed them. It all came down to me and the shameful leader. As I stared into his beady eyes, I was prepared to remove my gun from my capsule. We both circled continuously until he ordered the last alien standing to attack me from behind, but I swiftly moved out of the way and the alien had clashed into the leader. Their leader was down and I was victorious.

Here is the video.

 This week we are learning to hook the reader in using precise language in our writing. This video here is about a boy and the grandpa that use their imagination and go on a fantastic journey in the radio flyer. Now after watching this video I had to pick one adventure that they went on and use my imagination and write it down. My writing is about how the boy and his grandpa went into space and fought aliens. So watch the video and imagine yourself in one of those adventures. Please comment nice things. Have a nice day and imagine hard.

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