Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Let's go ranger's

This week I have been learning about in-liner roller hockey and learning about the gears.The players gears are different from the goalies gears because the goalie has blocker pads and the player has knee pads.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Watching wrestling

Watching wrestling
Guess what I was watching in the school holidays? I was watching wrestling the WWE with my brother Coltrane on Monday.

It was so boring that we wanted to watch it and that we always watched our favorite wrestler’s The Shield and Stone cold Steve Austin. We were watching it on our computer for about 12 hours and  12 hours of watching Friday.

I like to watch it at my mum’s house because her computer is even better than mine. Also the screen is bigger.  It has been switched with the old t.v that I had. “You have to turn it off now it has been 12 hours” My mum said. So I replied “Ok but just 15 more minutes”. She said “ Thats fine but you have to turn it off”.

Later on  I turned  it off and went to bed. It was an exhausting day.