Saturday, 1 July 2017

My design of a new NZ flag

This is my design for our new NZ flag. I drew this on sumo paint. Why I drew this flag? I drew this flag because it has 2 koru joined together and it also has a islander design in the middle. So not only is it Maori but it also has a pacific design on it too. The words on it tell people who we are (we are Maori), it tells them where were from and that we are strong together. Maybe you can draw a flag of your own that has a meaning behind it, so good luck bloggers.

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  1. Malo Danielle,

    I really like your design. It is bright, colourful and very creative. It also brings together elements of New Zealand history, symbolism, people and culture. I particularly like the way that you have incorporated aspects of Pacific culture into the flag. New Zealand is such a multi-cultural place that is important that we recognise the diversity of the population.

    Lovely work, Danielle. I really appreciate the careful thought that went into creating this flag.

    Rachel :)


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