Sunday, 25 September 2016

Wheoritia Te atawhai Making Kindness go viral

Today my brother and I went out on our bikes. We were soaking wet from the rain, that we were just on our way home. So close from entering our street we had saw a homeless man, with nothing to shelter him from the rain. My brother did not see him anywhere, so what I did was told him to stop while I go check up on the homeless man. Heart broken in the rain, and all alone. I had extra clothes and spear food in my bag, and so I gave it to the homeless man and he told me his name and why he'd been roaming the streets homeless and alone. I was teared up a bit and blessed him and told him i'd find a place for him to stay. I asked my aunty if he could stay at her house for a couple of weeks until he was ready again to start a new life. He was happy and crying with tears of joy. Later on he had found the right apartment for him and he was doing good. So we wished him a good future and prayed for him.

So that was my story of Making kindness go viral. If you help someone i need then they will help you.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Homework in the holidays

There was this guy named Tim Peake and he went on a 6 month (186 days)  journey into space.
He went with two other members. They were 3,000 orbits from Earth. Tim Peake made history and represented Britain by living on the international space station. Tim and his crew members landed safely in Kazakhstan.
The other two members were Yuri Malenchenko from Russia and Tim Kopra from the US
Tim peake said “ It will take me two or three days for me to adapt, since i have been living on the international space station for 6 months.
Tim peake was the second person to live on a space station after Helen Sharman in 1991.

John key wants to eliminate all rats, possums and stoats. John key says that the animals kill 25m native birds each year. The government is looking at technology to kill predators and will be “the most ambitious conservation project attempted anywhere in the world.”
He wants every single part of New Zealand to be free of creatures by 2050. John key said “ His goal is to eliminate all the predators within 35 years in order to protect our country’s wildlife.

Recently floods in the north and central part of China have killed at least 150 people and at least 53,000 houses wiped out, during the flood. Henan province has been badly hit too, with 72,000 people evacuated. There have been power cuts and major problems with the communications and transport networks across world wide.
It has estimated that more than 1.5 million hectares of crops have been badly damaged and said direct economic losses exceed to $3bn.

I've been reading about things that are recently going on around the world. So here is some info about worldwide things. The lines are were it ends and a next story is waiting for you to read. Enjoy 

Whats Going On?

Today Holidays have started and it's time to help my mum. As a contribution to mum for hard working and raising me and taking care of me is now doing every single job she does.  So I will do the dishes, rooms, mow the lawn, mop the floor, clean the bathroom, pick up my clothes and other and finally help carry shopping for her. In the holidays I am also going to make kindness go viral by: helping someone with their shopping, helping the poor by buying them something or doing something nice for them. What everyone needs to do is share the love, make kindness go viral and you can do this by doing something nice for someone. "Is it Kind, is it True, it is Necessary." Wheoritia te atawhai" Make Kindness Go VIRAL!

Day 1

It has only been 1 day of our school holidays and so far it's pretty awesome to have a break from school work. It's great now that I'm helping my mum with the house cleaning. I am doing dishes, lawn mowing, bathroom cleaning and making breakfast for my mum in bed. Since my brothers go out all the time and my sisters don't live with me anymore i suggested to stay with my mum and not go out with my friends. Also today i made a homeless person feel loved by giving him a drink, some food and some money with clothing. He had a smile and helped a person next to him that I didn't have enough things to give him. Share the love and be kind. Happy holidays. Enjoy the days and have good memories. Treasure it.

First day of the holidays

What a blast it was yesterday. Our very first day of the holidays starts now. My mum, my brother Anania, my sister Izabelle and myself are gonna go out shopping today, in the afternoon. We are going to buy alot of food because my sister Izabelle's birthdays next week and so we are just buying everything we need so it's ready. In this wintry cold I had put so much blankets on me in the morning and there was no change. Well anyway I hope everyone will enjoy the holidays. Oh and Happy 6th Birthday SIS 
Have a great b-day sis.
Love from your sis danielle 

Friday, 23 September 2016

Kick start to the last day of term 3

Wow it's the last day of term 3, what a surprise. So sad it has almost come to and end of 2016 as the year 8's will be heading off to college. Today was pretty awesome because we got to play games in the hall with Ms Va'afusuaga, room 3, room 5 and myself. Helping out other teachers preparing for home time was great.Temauri, Collin, Tevita, Yvonne, a couple of others and I had stepped up and helped.The cool thing today was loud shirt day and wheels day. Pt England and I had done this because we were raising money for people that had hearing problems, and so all the money would go towards them. We also had a disco yesterday night, and what a BLAST that was. With 60+ of attendance, we raised up to $537.


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Breaking news: Paralympics banned Russians

Today room 1 literacy class and I are researching about doping in the paralympics. What is the impact on the paralympics and who is doing it. Sadly the Russians had been caught doing a doping scandal, and has recently been banned in which case they were banned from the paralympics too. Our walts for this term is: WALT: make connections between texts

WALT: understand why people make particular choices and the impact of those choices. WALT: synthesise and present information.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Term 3 Reflection

It’s coming to an end of term 3 and near to the holidays. Soon us year 7’s will be the leaders of the school next year, and only 1 more term to go. My reflection about his year or term is that I liked to hang out with my friends playing basketball, soccer, cricket, handball and lots more. I also got the opportunity to play in the boys soccer team against Saint Kentigerns school.

I have memories that are held with me forever. Well some of them are just being me and having fun with my friends at school, and hopefully today. Another is building people up when they had felt alone. I really liked having fun learning with all the great teachers like Matua Lewin, mrs Tele’a, miss Clark, miss Berry, miss Nua, mrs Wiseman and last but not least my favorite teacher that had to leave for maternity leave mrs Ilaoa.

This term my literacy class, a couple of other people and I went on a trip to the movies in Sylvia park. All thanks to mr Wiseman for organizing this trip to go and watch the BFG movie. There had been a lot of sport this term with basketball, netball, soccer and rugby. Our school had preforms travel from America (USA) and also form TC. (Tamaki College).

My funny moments at school was how Mubashshir had bent down and ripped his shorts... (LOL). Another funny moment was how Hendrix, Mubashshir, Isaac lam sam, Lomio, Flynlay, Angelo, Zack and myself were playing soccer, and then Mubashshir had tripped up and pretended to cry. When my friends and I were playing basketball and Mubashshir had laughed too much at Hendrix when he had missed his shot Mubashshir had let out a fart and was embarrassed (LMAO).

My goals for next term is committing to all my learning no matter what I have to do I just want to have good results in my learning. I also want to learn more about maths because maths is my number one priority to me in learning. Being the smartest doesn't really matter it’s about thinking about what you're doing first, not just rushing whatever you gotta do in life. I also say that our school is so lucky to have a lot of interesting stuff going on and also  having a lot of technology like chromebooks, laptops, imacs, ipads and tablets. My learning is more important than games and free time, because if you don’t learn it won’t be good for you, your brain and your education.

Sadly we only have today, Wednesday, Thursday and half of Friday left until the holidays. Next term will be the last term for the year 8s as they are growing and now moving into high school. So us year 7’s our moving on to year 8 and that will be our last year as for the new year 7s come in from the the year 5&6 block. Being smart or strong really doesn’t matter it’s whether you're try.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Magnus the Magnificent

Magnus the Magnificent
A thousand years ago ago, there was Magnus the magnificent. He lived far away in a deserted village all the way in Egypt. Magnus was invincible with bright glowing armour, long straight curly hair. His tribe would always think he was good until the day he found a gem. From that very moment he would force everyone to mine for gems, and if they disobeyed him, Magnus would wip them with a golden lasso. So on there was unstoppable mining throughout the.

In the deserts of Egypt, Magnus was furious about  . His problem was that he wasn’t getting enough gems, loyalty and respect. All he could see was men violating all the rules, children become thieves and women would not mine. When Magnus would shout out “ Bow down before your greatest ruler, Magnus the magnificent.” No one listened to him. So what did Magnus do…  he prayed.
Magnus prayed and prayed begging for help and advice on how to make his people obey him. So as the sun sets and the shine of the full moon covering the land of Egypt. Magnus heard a whisper echoing through his house. He woke up in shock banging his head on a pole above him and falling straight off his bed of hay.

“Magnus my boy do you know who I am, Magnus.” Magnus almost had a heart attack and replied “ No sir who are you, show yourself.” “ I am your father, I am the world's creator.” “Okay...” whispered Magnus, not giving a care about who he is. “ My boy I have come down to bless you, to help you with all the devastating tragedy that’s happening in your village.” “ What shall I do,” replied Magnus. “They are disobeying me in every way.” So Magnus marched down the chilli hallway. Marching and marching as if he was a soldier. “ My boy,” said the mysterious man with a heavenly voice. “What you need to do is to take it easy on them, don’t treat them as your slaves and make sure you always have a positive attitude towards them.”

The mysterious man had faded and perished into thin air. So magnus had took his advice and used it the next day. “Everyone,” screamed Magnus with a slight chance of losing his voice. “ Everyone, I know i’ve been harsh on you but it’s gonna change.” “Yeah like that’s ever gonna happen.” replied with such anger in his tone of voice. Magnus was furious of such weak folk answering back, but he had to stay put and change. “I’m changing, from now on no more mining, no more slavery and all families are free to be.”

All of the villagers were so peaceful that all they did was relax and have massages. So everyone was all in peace and now Magnus was so selfish and notice that everyone was disobedient before, it was now rested in the grounds.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Maths Problem Solving

WALT: Use a variety of strategies to solve mult/div problems.

My Advice Blog

Walt: Find information in the text to support our thinking.

Talking points

This is a creative post about talking points. Talking points, I am being creative and showing what actively speaking sounds like, how i was feeling when I was speaking and what actively speaking and listening looks like.
It's called talking points. It is useful in speeches and other stuff. Lie for example, the top ten businesses in the world are really looking for is, actively speaking and listening .

Friday, 9 September 2016

My Maths Goals

My maths goal this year is algebra, fraction and ratios. What i'm really focusing on is my fractions mainly. Why?..... because whenever i have a test or have a equation I have to solve, I get myself confused by thinking too far into the problem when I should just stick with one main solution. So that's why I am mainly picking my fractions. Algebra and ratios are alot harder than fractions but I am starting to get the hang of it. It gets a bit tricky when it has multiple tasks in one question.... really.  
Image result for Maths algebraImage result for Maths ratios

Algebra Year 7 quiz

This picture right here is a picture showing a algebra question and answer.
If you can see there is a hint button, and when you press that you get help if you are stuck on a algebra or any other question.
So what you have to do is to solve out the algebra maths problem and think of it in your head or write it down in a book. If you are stuck go on ahead and press the hint button but before doing that keep trying and think harder. Here is a example: Equation- X + 5 = 15.... So what you have to do is if you add 5
my number you get 15. What is my number?
the answer is 10 because 10 + 5 = 15.
Another one is: Equation- X - 13 = 13..... So you have to subtract 13 from my number you get 13. What is my number?  The answer is X = 26 because if you go 26 - 13 = 13 then you get 13. It's all confusing at the start, but you will get the hang of it sooner or later. To try it out for yourself just click here and you can go and test yourself.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Math Whizz Learning

This is a exercise on tutor mode. You have to click yes or no if the lines in the photo on the computer are perpendicular. Try to figure out the answer and don't read on instead try figure out if it's yes or no.

If you said NO you are a 100% incorrect and if you said YES then you are 100% correct.
Try search up online and see if you can find any other questions like these. Or else go to math whizz log on or sign up and start you tutor there.