Saturday, 22 July 2017

Rating three haka performances by the All Blacks

So I have watched 3 All Blacks performances they did for the rugby world cup and I am rating those 3 from the best to the worst (I mean alright).

So first would have to be this one because they were fierce and they weren't embarrassed to do their pukana.  I pick this one because not only were they just fierce and did their pukana but it was intriguing, everyone was cheering like they always do and they were in sync. So that's my first one. Click Here to watch the video.

In second would be be the one against the All Blacks and South Africa last year. Why is this one in second? you might be asking... well this one became second only because they didn't have enough energy out into it. I know you're probably thinking that they need their energy for their game but were talking about the haka right now. The haka should be performed with kia kaha and not embarrassment.
So that's my second one. Click Here to watch the video.

And finally in third place would be the All Blacks against Argentina. Well the only reason this haka was in last place only because nearly all of them weren't taking it seriously and didn't do it properly. You're probably saying "How does she know anything about doing the haka?" well I am in the kapa haka group and my tutor is Whaea Saf. Anyway the All Blacks weren't projecting their voice and so that's why I chose this one as last. Click Here to watch the video.

That's all and if you disagree with my that's find and so you should write what you think in the comment below.

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  1. Kia ora Danielle,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post about the haka. I didn't realise that you were in kapa haka group yourself. That is really cool! Aronui (my son) wants to join the kapa haka group at his school next year and I'm really keen for him to do that. He just loves singing and is so proud of his Maori culture. I am already looking forward to watching him perform!

    Speaking of performances, I really like the way that you watched each of the All Blacks' performances and provided a clear rationale for your final rating. I can definitely see what you mean in each case. Great work!

    Keep up the awesome effort, Danielle. Your blog posts are a joy to read!



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