Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Manipulating sentence structures

Walt: manipulate sentence structures for more effect.
Here are my manipulated sentences:

A. The hungry alligator eats roughly.
B. The hungry alligator roughly eats.
C. Roughly eats the hungry alligator.
D. Eats roughly the hungry alligator.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Danielle console poster

Walt: identify the main point of the text.

My literacy class and I had each made a poster about games and what Console you play it on. 
We had to follow the instructions so we knew what and how we have to do it. We had to name the console and the company then the games.

Friday, 24 April 2015

ANZAC 100 years Lest we forget

Walt: understand the people who died for us.

JPEG Image    As we remember the people who died and got hurt bad to protect us in war, on Saturday it will be ANZAC day. ANZAC day occurs on the 25 of April. It commemorates all New Zealanders killed in war and also honors returned servicemen and women. When New Zealanders men and women, young and old went in war they said there farewells to there family and waved goodbye before going in this terrible disaster. 

Today we are writing about ANZAC and looking at sites that are about what we have written. This is to remember the people who died 100 years ago and tomorrow will be a good day for you to be doing a remembrance to whom was in war. 

R.I.P for all soldiers that died.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Scales- problem solving

My maths group today was learning how to solve a problem in a group. I learnt that I need to read the
question carefully so I understand what it is asking me to do. We learnt that instead of drawing that takes a little longer we can use multiplication.

My fantastic holiday

Holiday Time ,Yay
Have you noticed, it’s the school holidays yay. Can’t wait to get ready and have a am spraoi (fun time in Irish) with my whanau. We got ready and went to the Sylvia park movies to watch the Fast and Furious 7.

As we arrived we saw my uncle Ross and aunt Moa that visited us at Sylvia park.
We were there to watch the new movie, for the excitement.
Did you watch the movie at Sylvia park?. As my family were talking to my uncle and aunt we gave them a Maori greeting by giving them a hongi and asked them “ What are you guys doing here”.  “ We came to watch Fast and Furious 7” explained Ross and Moa.

Then after chatting we had bought some popcorn,candy floss, drinks and some chocolate for all of us to share.
Then the movie began and so as we watched we were munching on our deserts and shared to one another. We listened and watched and so it went on and it was fantastic and hilarious.

After the movie we said our goodbyes to uncle Ross and aunt Moa and went on the train back to G.I. My mother asked me how I felt about that and I said “ I felt amazed and jumpy” as i spoke. "Wow what a day" as i said when we were in the taxi going home.As we got home we had a rest then had dinner. That was EXTREME