Thursday, 27 February 2014

Reading investigation


This is my presentation of my reading investigation. This is a investigation of reading and there are some answer too. Hop you enjoy

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Hi my name is Danielle .This is what i did in the holidays on december the 31 .I went to Marata with my whanau. As it took a very long time we finally arrived up Papatuanuku . We went there for my dads birthday.We went up there for a big birthday picnic and to discover new living things .Later on that day we went to Manukau beach for a swim because we were melting like ice and that we couldn’t even stand the sun.Next we went home and had a BBQ for lunch .After all those call things that we did we had a rest and then got back up and went to mission bay and that the water was freezing cold .Later later on we went to the hotel to stay with my uncle Kokiri and my aunty Mya .With my aunty and uncle we had desert and this is what we had carrot cake,strawberries with chocolate and ice cream with jelly .Our poku was sore and we were full also that we couldn’t eat anymore .