Friday, 27 February 2015

Possum on the roof Advice

Walt: look beyond the text.

My group and I are learning and reading about possums. We had to give some advice to kids that needed help. Would ask for advice if you had no idea of what to do when you hear something strange or else if you are in a situation?

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Super sentence starters

Walt: Write super sentences with adj, verb, nouns and preparations.
The Dark gravel 
The swift grass
The smooth sand 
The flowing water
The grooving penguins 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Dotterel Chicks

Walt: look beyond the text.

Dotterel Chicks

Question: Who is the teacher is Room 6 at Pt England School?
Incorrect Answer: Mr Goodwin.
Correct Answer: Mr Goodwin is the teacher in Room 6 at Pt England School.

The Dotterel was trying to protect its nest by running the opposite way.

The Dotterel nest was hidden in the dried twigs.

The author felt sad because the nest was destroyed.

The chicks laid very still because the author moved.

The author was glad because he had seen the chicks.

My group and I have been learning about Dotterel chicks. Guess how many Dotterel birds there are in NZ? There are only 1700 left. Wow I wonder how many passed away. My group and I have been answering question and have answered them properly.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Chicken worms

Walt: write a detailed introduction with a hook and orientation.

Have you ever fed anyone chicken flavored worms?  As we ate the chicken worms it was silly, yummy and it was like we were baby chicks. I did not expect to eat thick juicy chicken flavored worms today.

Mr Goodwin, my class and I had a taste of chicken flavored worms. It was slimy and yummy.
I have written 3 sentences about it and also I have a question for all. I have been working and trying my best to attract the audience or hook them in to read my intro. My class and I have all written a intro. Read my story and see how it all goes down.

Moroni had checked the rubric of how I did.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

On Monday

Walt:  Follow the structure of a recount to produce a piece of writing. 

On Monday
Intro. What did I do on Monday? On Monday I had been sick and had to go to a funeral with my family. It was so sad that my best uncle had passed away. My whanau and I never expected this to happen.

I could not look, But I payed my respect and bowled down and prayed to God.My aunt's and uncle’s had lowered the coffin and started to bury him. “ Don't go near it cousin Conrad you will fall on the coffin” I shouted.

He teased me and so I pulled him away so he would not do a silly thing like that again. My whanau and I had gentle put roses and different kind of flowers, as we walked back into the cars. What a horrible day it was seeing someone pass away even if they are family members. What a day.
Conclusion. As we arrived back home we had a rest then had lunch. The funeral took 8 hours. We had hot dogs for lunch and burgers for dinner. So after dinner my whanau and I slept for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Our task was to write a high standard piece of writing. I have written 3 paragraphs about what I did on Monday when i was away. As you can see you can see a picture I have drawn on sumo paint  that is part of what I did. hope you enjoy reafing my story and enjoy of how I drawed my picture.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Muba and Danielle- what's in the bag

My friend  and  I were learning about probability. We had used an envelope and six coloured blocks. After we had put the blocks in the bag  we went around the class room to let kids pick out one block each. As Muba and I had finished going around the class room to eight people we had a guess how many coloured blocks there were adding up to six. We made a presentation about what is in the bag.

Hope you enjoy!  

About my group name

Walt: follow the  instructions, and complete the task.

My group and I have been learning about what our group name means and what it is. We have found information as we searched online. I had found a great piece of information and that was that in the 1920s the real recipe was made then.  Information is interesting.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Telling time

Walt: Tell time and in digital way.

Number 3 is quarter past,number 6 is half past,number 9 is quarter to and number 12 is 0. On the clock there is a pattern when you see 3,6,9,12 its counting 3's. Also the big hand tells the minutes and the small hands tells the hours.

Holiday highlight

During the nice holiday days my family and I went down to south to play in a volley ball tournament with other people. Then on a long journey we had finally arrived and the door was locked.

I tried pushing the door open but i looked up and saw a sign that said “Open in 6 hours”.  We had waited for only 6 minutes then it had opened. The funniest and weirdest thing at that amazing tournament was that it was the adults vs the kids 3 years and up. The adults had 12 and my team had 12 as well. 3 of my teammates had gotten injured and I was the one responsible because I was the captain.

“ No one is gonna get hurt on my team” I shouted to the adults. “ What's wrong with you”?. We played the 6th round and my team and I worked as hard as we could, we pushed our selves. The sad thing was that the 3 years old kids up to the 7 were injured. It was only me and the 8 year old's.

My team was all finished they could no longer play anymore it was the last round and we were losing we had only 14 and the adults had 16 we were 2 behind. I could not stand anymore people getting hurt so I played myself and was only 1 away.

 An idea popped in my head I had to look for a spot were no one was near and i found one  I jumped and waked the ball as hard as I can and My team and I the captain won. 
We had won the trophy I got to take it home and so on we traveled again back home. 

My family had a great day so had I. We had a long rest and got ready in 2 hours to go down north to play in a touch mini tournament. while they got ready but i was the first I was studying about science and how the earth was formed.