Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Trying to improve in math whizz

This is my maths whizz improvement. It's only the 3rd day of term 4, so that's why my progress isn't as high as I should be. So you can see my maths age improvement, my average weekly usage (minutes) and some other info about myself on math whizz. What I am trying to do is to hopefully improve much more than what I have here.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Big B-day party

Yesterday my whole family, my little nephew Romeo and I went to my 2 cousins Terrell, Elijah and Izabelle my little sister's b-day. It was so packed in the huge shed, where we were going to have the birthday in. We couldn't even get around because it was so full of family members and friends.Anyway, so as the adults prepare all the stuff we need like 3 cakes, cook island donuts, fairy bread, chips, hot chips, boil up, bbq, pizza, fizzy, cupcakes, sausages, salad and lots more. So while the adults did that, Anania, Romeo, myself and all the rest of the kids, we played pass the pastle, we had a lollie scramble and "hidden lollie". In hidden lollie we had to try and find as many lollies as we can, thanks to my friend Pare she hid them. After 2 hours it was time to sit down while my brothers friend Tere, his dad had said a prayer, then we would sing happy birthday to Terrell, Elijah and Izabelle and last we said grace. When we sang happy birthday to the 3 birthday kids, Izabelle refused to go up and blow the candles out of her cake, so Romeo and myself blew the candle out. We had a great time there. The best b-day ever.

Metal detecting

2 days ago my brother Anania and I went out metal detecting. We were really in search of coins and badges and lots more. We were outside near the creek at the back of my house. We metal detect for an hour and a half. " Look at what I found!" exclaimed Anania. I quickly rushed over and he found a WW1 badge but didn't know what country it was from. My first find of the day was a Welch Regiment badge and a Australian 10c coin. As we dug and dug and dug to see what we could find Anania and I found three little monkey statues, and we researched it up online and found out it was the three wise monkeys that comes from Japan and China. The meaning of the three wise monkeys were See no evil. They on that covers its eyes means, See no evil, the one that covers its ears means hear no evil and that one that covers it's mouth means speak no evil. After it had hit 10:30am we left and came back home. We were exhausted from digging as the mud was solid. Here are all of our things we found. Hope you enjoy this and try it out someday yourself.

Saving someones life

On an earlier Wednesday morning, my cousin Jesse and I took a walk down to P.E beach. We were just relaxing for a couple of hours. Once it hit the late afternoon Jesse and I were making our way back as it started to trickle. Trickling for abit and then BANG! it started pouring down and we ran for our lives under shelter, near the toilets. Jesse had heard someone screaming " Help, Help." We looked every where and we couldn't find anything, until we came up near the water. A little boy was out far sea, slowly floating away. I had no choice but to run and rescue him. It was a risky situation, but it was the right thing to do. I jumped forward diving deep down. It wasn't too late until he had really floated out to sea. I swam and swam until the currents of the sea had forced me to go back, but no helping the little boy was my number one priority. He was scared and gave up swimming, then I grabbed his arm and pulled him towards land. Cpr was needed and the little boy was fine and doing well. Jesse and I took him to the police station as he didn't know where he lived or where his parents have gone.

So that's my true story. I hope you enjoyed reading it and see if can imagine. Anyway it was frightening for me. Enjoy.