Tuesday, 5 July 2016

My championship title on the line

On the 30th of May, I had a kickboxing match. It was to gain the undisputed championship title/belt back. I am now challenged again at 6:30pm. Read on for more.

I got ready and was on fire. I warmed up outside if it was raining or really sunny it didn’t matter to me. After 6 hours of waiting My coach, my mum, my sister, my brother and I gathered all of what we needed for the trip to Otahuhu for my kickboxing match.

As we waited in the place of boredom, it felt like time was slowing down. Finally we arrived but we were 20 minutes early. After preparing for about 20 spare minutes everyone came to watch the epic match between Myself the undisputed kids champion holding the most glorious belt ever while the challenger Mack siva challenges me for it.

DING,DING,DING!!! The bells rings and the match starts. I take my stand, and i'm aware of all surroundings in the ring with me. I sway back and forths waiting for my opponent to strike first then it’s my turn to hit back, then i swing my leg to kick him but he blocks it then i’m cautious again. My opponent Mack kicks and kicks and kicks until i was tired and stressed about me thinking of losing.

I stand up as I was shaking my legs in pain as blood came down my leg, I ran, I jumped up and did a twist kick to knock him at and as planned it worked. I won but i had fainted because i was in pain that i had a serious wound on my head and knee. I was fine and still remaining kickboxing champion.

Mack was still out cold but the ref and some others helped him up, and while they were doing that my mum, coach, sister, brother and myself of course went to the hospital for me to get surgery on my knee. We celebrated until 2 o’clock in the morning. What a victory for me versing a 16 year old boy Mack Siva. There I was standing tall proudly holding my championship title up high as everyone shouted “Destorm!” as my nick name.

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