Saturday, 16 July 2016

Last night of Matariki

Waking up and desperately trying to wake up everyone else at we got ready for matariki, even though it wasn't until 6:00. The time arrived as we headed out at 6:30pm and we were shivering as it was cold as ice sits in your mouth. Once my mum,brothers,sister,some friends and I got down by Mabury reserve, we thought we would be hungry so we bought some treats and glow sticks for fun.

Finally we were all set and ready to enter Mabury reserve as it shines and glows with lights. We see people smiling, singing and having an extraordinary night. My brother Anania, my sister Izabelle and I went around in a spiral.

There were lighted up jellyfish hanging from the tallest rakau there was in the Maybury reserve.

Matariki ko te Tau Hou maori motuhake mo tatou iwi Maori , me te tahi atu iwi ahurea oaoa te reira tino pea mo to ratou wa tuatahi . ko oaoa te katoa. (Matariki is a special maori new year for us maori people and other cultural people enjoyed it most probably for their first time. Everyone was happy)

Everyone had fun and other Whanau everywhere smiled, danced, laughed, sang and played with their young ones. Then it was time for the fireworks, everyone went somewhere where it was a better view to see the fireworks. BOOM!! went the first one the BOOM!!!! went the next second then BOOM BOOM BOOM there were fireworks lighting up our beautiful night sky. People were screaming, jumping, taking photo's and recording. What a night it was as it was the last night of Matriki, the Maori new year.

IIt came to an end where everyone started to head off and people were a little bit sad that it was over, but at least it was a beautiful night. That was our night at the Matariki light trail and firework day. mana'o Māori o Maori Tau Hou ki a tatou rite reira rā. (Maori new year to us Maori's feels like it everyday)

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