Saturday, 16 July 2016

Rainbowend trip

Today my family and I went to Rainbow's end for a family trip and to have fun. Also to make sure my mum can have fun then do work. All she does was work and work and work. Today we all went out and made sure we had fun, especially for my mum since she is very fragile. As we finished having fun at the adults and other older kids like me went on the big kids rides we went to the Kidz kingdom for my little brother Anania and my little sister Izabelle. My brother was filled with joy and was delighted to go for the first time at Rainbow's end. My little sister felt tired so we went home and started to rest and work out all our fatness we gained since we started to eat a lot of lollies. So that was my family's and I best day at Rainbow's end.

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