Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Rhyming songs/raps

If it means there feeling down
And need some help
To get up again
Say something nice to them
And try to be there friend

maybe one of ur friends is being
mean to the others
Treat them as if they were ur sisters and brothers
Don’t pretend it’s cool
Help the person getting hurt

Share kindness around the world
As it would be helpful
Cuz in life not everyone is successful

Spot the block, the food labels provide
Nutrition facts of what’s packed inside.
Before u eat ur food
Or quench your thirst
U got to spot the block and Know your food facts first

Fantasy’s can run
But they can’t hide
And when i find it, i'm gonna
Pour all my love inside

Ur probably thinking this type of swag is impossible
And logically will probably but you just take me lyrically
Try to feel me spiritually, get out of your mind literally
There’s a bigger me inside this little me
Screaming out i should make history
Like i'm a mystery, hated by jealousy
Cuz i was the one taking it seriously

Maybe i'm lenox i'm strong till the finish
I'm like a ghetto popeye but don’t eat spinach
I’ma keep going, i keep on flowing
Just like the Nile
Million dollar mouthpiece
every time i smile

Now everybody knows there exceptions to this rule
Now don’t be getting mad this rule is cool
But don’t be calling out my name
I’ll bring wrath to those who disrespect me like a dame
Let your soul shine
It’s better than the sunshine
It’s better than the moonshine
Damn sure better than the rain
Yeah sure people don’t mind
We all get this way sometimes
Gotta let your soul shine, shine till the break of day
Sometimes a man can feel this emptiness
Like a woman has robbed him of his very soul
A woman too, God knows, She can feel like this
And when your world seems cold, you gotta let your spirit take control.

He was only seventeen
In a madman's dream
The cops shot the kid
And I still hear his screams
This ain't funny
Don't you dare laugh
I guess he hated life and took the wrong path
This poem is based on my cousin who passed away

When i am a old lady
I won’t be able to walk or stand
I wish i was a nice young celebrity
So i would have a lot of fans
They would scream at me cuz i'm so famous
and i'll be happy till the end
it's like a roller coaster to heaven at rainbows end

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