Friday, 26 August 2016

Soccer Football game

Our soccer football game, what a start. Pt England's very own soccer team had played against Saint Kentigern Pakuranga school. I was the only girl in our soccer football team. Our game started at 1:30pm at lunch time and the people in the team were Benjamin, Josh, John Lee, David, Zane, Stevenson, Zack, Lorenzo, Hendrix and myself as well and also our coach Matua Lewin.

Matua Lewin was the ref for our game. There were 11 on the field and 2 sub. *Whistle* and the game starts. We start off and so we spread out, "1,2" shouts Zane. He passes it to Lorenzo and Lorenzo is targeted by one of the Saint Kentigern's team mate. He passes back to Zane but then Zane lost the ball. Chris is part of Saint Kentigern's team. He has the ball and John lee is goalie, and John lee needs to focus on the ball.

*Kick* Chris kicks the ball into their goal and so they get a point. John Lee had bad luck this time so he swapped with Hendrix and so he became goalie. It was already half time so Matua Lewin our coach had to get us more focused into the game. We had a drink of water and had to calm ourselves down and *Whistle* the whistle blows and the second round begins.

We had no strategy and had forgot to plan one, but anyway we tried our best. Saint Kentigerns had got 2 penalty kicks. After running around, doing soccer tricks, defending and being goalie we had lost by 3 points. It was a good game after all and so we did our chants and shaked hands after our chants. Saint Kentigerns Pakuranga school was a great team to compete against
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