Monday, 8 August 2016

How the Olympics came to be

How the Olympics came to be
You might be asking why the Olympics are still going on, what is it for and when did it start. Read on for more details.

The creator of the Olympics is a Greek mythology king Pelops.

He is the king of Pisa. They would have these events in to honor there gods like Zeus. Normally 50,000 people would watch and 10-15 competitors would compete.

It started in Olympia, Greece back in 1864 2700 years ago. They would lite torches to honor Zeus. They would have a temple for Zeus and a massive gold statue of him right in the middle. Some would die and some would be injured but it was all part of there version of the Olympics.

Women then weren't aloud to compete or else they would of been slaughtered and thrown of a cliff into a swirl pool. It was a sacrifice for there gods. There was boxing/sparing, sprinting, jumping. There was only sprinting at first and the judges were bored, so they added more activities.

All of this was then but now it's different. Women are aloud to compete and there are even more activities played now. Before there were only 10-15 people competing, but now there are 204 countries competing and over 11,000 athletes.

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