Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Return of Saia and Gabriel

The return of Saia and Gabriel was great, they talked about their highlights in Silicon valley. They had traveled to all of the different app company in the United states of America (USA). Google, Twitter, Xero, Facebook, Apple, Stanford Uni, Book track, Yelp, Android and a lot more. Gabriel and Saia had also went to the worlds most famous and secured prison in the world, Alcatraz. Alcatraz had have 3 prisoners escape and had to be shut down. Gabriel told team 5 and I about their experience at all the different companies and what they did.

They also did a bean boozled challenge and that was Gabriel's funniest part. Saia's funniest part was when they were on the bus and the boys were just singing and talking. Some of their proud moments were representing our country at each company and being able to speak in front of famous company founders.

They shared their favorite part about their trip and how they felt. They were two lucky college students to attend this amazing trip to Silicon valley. They told us " We had the chance to go on this dream trip and so could you in 3 years time. " just believe and you could be us in this position some time.

Gabriel and Saia inspired us and told us there goals and it should be ours. They also went on the golden gate bridge, to Instagram, Microsoft and kiwi landing pad.  It was coming to an end of Saia's and Gabriel's talk, we had the chance to ask them any question about the journey. They were motivating us. Gabriel is a former Pt England student and Saia is a former Glenn brae student. It was an all expenses paid trip so that means that it was a free trip.

Most of team 5 and I would like to go on a trip to Silicon valley. Gabriel said "you never know when you might get the chance to have something like this." That speech right there brought us all to thinking about us and imagining a picture of ourselves on a trip like that. Here are some photos of them talking.

This is some info about there prisoners who escaped. Investigators concluded that John Anglin , Clarence Anglin and Frank Morris died trying to make their way across San Francisco Bay in a raft made out of raincoats, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Clint Eastwood played the mastermind Morris in the 1979 film about their quest, “Escape from Alcatraz.”

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