Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Magnus the Magnificent

Magnus the Magnificent
A thousand years ago ago, there was Magnus the magnificent. He lived far away in a deserted village all the way in Egypt. Magnus was invincible with bright glowing armour, long straight curly hair. His tribe would always think he was good until the day he found a gem. From that very moment he would force everyone to mine for gems, and if they disobeyed him, Magnus would wip them with a golden lasso. So on there was unstoppable mining throughout the.

In the deserts of Egypt, Magnus was furious about  . His problem was that he wasn’t getting enough gems, loyalty and respect. All he could see was men violating all the rules, children become thieves and women would not mine. When Magnus would shout out “ Bow down before your greatest ruler, Magnus the magnificent.” No one listened to him. So what did Magnus do…  he prayed.
Magnus prayed and prayed begging for help and advice on how to make his people obey him. So as the sun sets and the shine of the full moon covering the land of Egypt. Magnus heard a whisper echoing through his house. He woke up in shock banging his head on a pole above him and falling straight off his bed of hay.

“Magnus my boy do you know who I am, Magnus.” Magnus almost had a heart attack and replied “ No sir who are you, show yourself.” “ I am your father, I am the world's creator.” “Okay...” whispered Magnus, not giving a care about who he is. “ My boy I have come down to bless you, to help you with all the devastating tragedy that’s happening in your village.” “ What shall I do,” replied Magnus. “They are disobeying me in every way.” So Magnus marched down the chilli hallway. Marching and marching as if he was a soldier. “ My boy,” said the mysterious man with a heavenly voice. “What you need to do is to take it easy on them, don’t treat them as your slaves and make sure you always have a positive attitude towards them.”

The mysterious man had faded and perished into thin air. So magnus had took his advice and used it the next day. “Everyone,” screamed Magnus with a slight chance of losing his voice. “ Everyone, I know i’ve been harsh on you but it’s gonna change.” “Yeah like that’s ever gonna happen.” replied with such anger in his tone of voice. Magnus was furious of such weak folk answering back, but he had to stay put and change. “I’m changing, from now on no more mining, no more slavery and all families are free to be.”

All of the villagers were so peaceful that all they did was relax and have massages. So everyone was all in peace and now Magnus was so selfish and notice that everyone was disobedient before, it was now rested in the grounds.

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