Saturday, 24 September 2016

Homework in the holidays

There was this guy named Tim Peake and he went on a 6 month (186 days)  journey into space.
He went with two other members. They were 3,000 orbits from Earth. Tim Peake made history and represented Britain by living on the international space station. Tim and his crew members landed safely in Kazakhstan.
The other two members were Yuri Malenchenko from Russia and Tim Kopra from the US
Tim peake said “ It will take me two or three days for me to adapt, since i have been living on the international space station for 6 months.
Tim peake was the second person to live on a space station after Helen Sharman in 1991.

John key wants to eliminate all rats, possums and stoats. John key says that the animals kill 25m native birds each year. The government is looking at technology to kill predators and will be “the most ambitious conservation project attempted anywhere in the world.”
He wants every single part of New Zealand to be free of creatures by 2050. John key said “ His goal is to eliminate all the predators within 35 years in order to protect our country’s wildlife.

Recently floods in the north and central part of China have killed at least 150 people and at least 53,000 houses wiped out, during the flood. Henan province has been badly hit too, with 72,000 people evacuated. There have been power cuts and major problems with the communications and transport networks across world wide.
It has estimated that more than 1.5 million hectares of crops have been badly damaged and said direct economic losses exceed to $3bn.

I've been reading about things that are recently going on around the world. So here is some info about worldwide things. The lines are were it ends and a next story is waiting for you to read. Enjoy 

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