Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My problem solving Wk 3 term 4

Walt: solve word problems
 solve a range of equations using fractions

Today we are learning to solve word problems and solve a range of equations using fractions. We have been learning our fractions recently and are now solving word problems like the Walt says. For an example 10/12 of 12= 10 because if you look at the 10/12 it gives you a hint. I'm not going to tell you.


  1. Hi Danielle, I am very impressed with your Fraction work. You have done some clear thinking around each question. How do you know if you are correct?

    1. Hi Mrs Spragg it's me Danielle, the way i solve and know is because first i always have 2 opinions and so i write both down. Then choosing carefully and solving. there is more to this so why don't you look for more


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