Thursday, 18 May 2017

My 9 sentence story

There was once a kind girl named Dezarae. Dezarae likes to walk to the shop. She buys a lot of lollies and she likes to chat with the shopkeeper and her name is Anahere.

After school Dezarae would invite Anahere over to play on her trampoline, but this time Anahere refused to play. She felt awful that she decided to make new friends, and so she did. As she walked home she saw Anahere and Anahere explained why she refused to play with her. “My family told me to make you jealous” explained Anahere. Anahere was a little happy about but Dezarae wasn’t happy at all. So Anahere and Dezrae never talked again or both Anahere and Dezarae would start to argue.

This is my 9 sentence story. This week room 1 literacy and I have been learning about simple, compound and complex sentences. Simple sentences are words that form a complete thought. Compound sentences are 2 or more sentences joined together by a coordinating conjunction. Complex sentences contain and independent clause and a dependent clause joined together by a subordinating conjunction.
Green is simple sentences
Blue is compound sentences
Red is complex sentences

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