Friday, 26 May 2017

3 days without the year 8's

For the past 2 days the year 8's have been off at camp and the year 7's, a couple of year 8's and I have been back at school doing some great activities like: making truffles, relays/races of stacking cups up and putting them pack down and so much more.

One the first day we all got in our team groups and they were Munchies, Churries and Fobalicious and then after that we had did our chant and I thought that Churries chant was the best. We had lovely teachers who ran different stations and they are Mrs Judd, Whaea Kelly and Mr Slade. They stations were paper work and posters, marshmallow buildings using past sticks.

The second day the munchies and I moved onto team building with Mrs Judd and Mose. What we had to do was to build that tallest tower or building using marshmallows and pasta. Sadly no one had got any points because people had gotten frustrated and wrecked their tower/building. After that was the cup challenge where we had to stack cups using an elastic rubber band and some strings. When that was finish the stacking cup challenge was last before we moved onto making truffles with Whaea Kelly. After lunch was great because we got to play soccer, tag and netball after lunch. Well it was just yesterday that we did that stuff.

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