Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Big B-day party

Yesterday my whole family, my little nephew Romeo and I went to my 2 cousins Terrell, Elijah and Izabelle my little sister's b-day. It was so packed in the huge shed, where we were going to have the birthday in. We couldn't even get around because it was so full of family members and friends.Anyway, so as the adults prepare all the stuff we need like 3 cakes, cook island donuts, fairy bread, chips, hot chips, boil up, bbq, pizza, fizzy, cupcakes, sausages, salad and lots more. So while the adults did that, Anania, Romeo, myself and all the rest of the kids, we played pass the pastle, we had a lollie scramble and "hidden lollie". In hidden lollie we had to try and find as many lollies as we can, thanks to my friend Pare she hid them. After 2 hours it was time to sit down while my brothers friend Tere, his dad had said a prayer, then we would sing happy birthday to Terrell, Elijah and Izabelle and last we said grace. When we sang happy birthday to the 3 birthday kids, Izabelle refused to go up and blow the candles out of her cake, so Romeo and myself blew the candle out. We had a great time there. The best b-day ever.

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