Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The team 4 market day

Walt: write an interesting and detailed recount.
As our market day was on Friday we did it for mostly the whole afternoon block. That was our only market day we had and also was our first but so it went on. For some reason everyone sighed in shame

Our market day was to celebrate our hard work but mostly congratulating our hard work and effort towards our products we made. For my business group home ware we make things for homes,stores and schools. But for my own group we made skull shaped candles that are big and small and also orange peel candles which worked out very well. We had various of choices like candles,soaps,potpourri,air fresheners and so much more. Smelling a lot of nice smells from other trade and enterprise group like kitchen and home ware. With the smell it attracted people to their things and to buy it.

As setting up our business groups we just shuffled tables and chairs also products around and decorated the big space with posters buntings and others. Our group was set up by Miss Lavakula class and along the wet lunch time games. We shifted the tables and put posters on it with our products set on a sheet/lava lava. With a little bit of help we made buntings which are like little cut out flags to put on a long or short piece of string. The lava lava/sheet was to cover the table to make it look nice.

I had my first experience with selling my products which is the first time I've ever did that. As my partner and I sell our products we only had a few knowings about how to sell and what to say to get there attention. As going we did not know what to say so we said something random and poof out of nowhere a Christchurch visitor came and bought one of our orange peel candle and as she bought it she gave us 4 pt. The real cost was only 50 pieces to be honest.

While buying other things we did not know what to buy as then it being different from buying from the shops. As buying for 30 mins we did not really know what to buy from other groups like kitchen,jewels and accessories,musical instruments and custom stationery. As for buying it was hard because others were calling and sometimes shouting loud. Trying to desperately get people to buy from their store.

The market day was awesome  and I didn't really buy anything because I wanted to save my pt’s. It was a lot of fun because there were all kinds of stuff to buy like slingshots,bow and arrow,tin pin bowling gear and sooooo much more. As if this was the best day ever it truly was for everyone. Finding nice and fun things is !!awesome!!.

We are learning to write an interesting and detailed recount. We have learnt to write only 1 big and small main idea in a paragraph or sentence. The task ask us to write a detailed recount and to add lots of interesting words and detailed sentences too.

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