Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Our trade fair

Walt: use language that paints a picture in the minds of our reader.
This is about a trade fair that team 4 had in week 4. The trade fair we had was something that we take orders from customers as they visit. Trade means the action of buying and selling goods and services, enterprise means a company or business.

Our trade fair was a place that we sell our products that we make in our business groups. We take orders so that we have time to make what our customers want that we have. Others have there own things so that all just don’t have the same. It is like a service thing but a little different from what real ones are.

There are 6 various of groups that we have and they are: Homeware, Kitchen, Musical instrument, Toys,Jewelry and custom stationery. I belong to the homeware group where we sell things that can be used at home or school. The product that my group and I have decided was a skull candle and a orange peel candle. We had presentations to present.

At the trade fair was that we got to walk around seeing the creativity that other people made with what resources they had to make what they decided. My experiences with this is that this was my first school trade the I have ever been to.

In week 8 there will be a market day which is a day that a lot of products that each group make will be sold.
The making of the orders will be done on that day and the ones who ordered will get their thing. The market day is when we get to the fun stuff.

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