Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Brave Tongan's

WALT: - Write a story from a character

In the beautiful island of Tonga,  a teenager wanted to move to New Zealand and his name is Monty. Monty was strong, clever, energetic and generous and always wanted to join the New Zealand military. He loved a lot of sports that leaving his parents were hard for him but he dreamed of moving, so he did.

Monty the “Brave Tongan”  (that’s what his siblings and close one’s called him) had taken the 3 hours and 30 minute flight to New Zealand. A long journey had bored Monty and all he wanted to do was to take over and fly himself. “ Koe hā ē?” (What’s that) said Monty. As he kept on asking himself it was New Zealand airport. “Were landing,” spoke the pilot. “Please remain seated as it will be bumpy once we land, thank you.” Breathing in and out the fresh air of New Zealand, he had now said “Tau kamata.” (Let’s begin)

So his mission of becoming a marine. Monty studied so hard for at least 3 weeks and was yet to confident. He knew everything about becoming a marine (he started learning at the age of 4).  Becoming a marine would be hard work, so he trained himself and took advice from his great great grandpa before he past away (He was a marine a long time ago).

Having a rest, not eating and not drinking enough he was weakened but he did not give up until he couldn’t walk or talk. “K...keep” said Monty as his voice flowed with the chilling breeze.
Never giving up was like the definition of his name to him and his family.  The day came and it was time for him to begin real training at a civil war training base. “Line up you hopeless children,” shouted colonel Rick. “Today your training to become a marine a only 5 of you can, and there’s 30of you… kids.”  All men had screamed in pain except for one person, Monty.

Monty had kept the screaming under control and held all the pain that had spread throughout his body, just like a virus. The sun slowly set and everyone a only taken a 3 hour break and during that break was mostly eating and sleeping. As the sun rise and the roosters had woken up everyone, Monty was the only one who never rest and kept on challenging himself.

Later on the day, colonel Rick was just about to announce the people that had made it and it wasn’t even a week yet. “Attention all trainers,” said colonel Rick on the speaker. “The people that have made it through are… Derek, John, Bill, joseph and Monty.” As proud as he could ever be, Monty was glad that he had become a marine and so he spread the news to his whanau (fâmili).

Now a marine had changed his life forever and he never gave up on all the vigorous training that he had went through. “Now a marine always a marine” was the saying that had been passed down in his generation.

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