Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Our Immersion Assembly

YAH!, school is here. We are now back at school to learn, create and share our awesome creativity things we do in class. At out first immersion assembly for this term was all about art. Team 1’s movie was about all their favourite things. Team 2’s Item and movie was about all the different seasons there are. Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn were all four choices to pick from. Team 3 was about Architecture building. Team 4 was about Teacher avengers. They were going to look at different kinds of comic books and create their own. Team 5 was about All 4 Waka’s: Hikianalia, Hokulea, Te Aurere and Hine Moana.

Team 5’s act was pretty cool, even Mrs Tele’a was awesome and her doing her funny act pretending to paddle. The music on team 4s movie was a superhero themed song in action movies usually. Mr Goodwin was the narrator. He talked as if they had made a real comic book movie.  Team 2s learning was based on the different kinds of seasons there are. Bright colours are for summer, dark colours like red for autumn, Winter is mostly white and blue then spring are any types of colours.

Team 1,2 and 3 didn’t were really any costumes but there message was to build or use all types of lovely colours of the seasons, trying to think what you like and to do architecture. Team 4 teacher Mr Somerville was dressed as Captain America. Team 5s teachers were dressed in our house colours which are Hikianalia (yellow), Hine Moana (blue), Hokulea (green) and Te Aurere (red). They are our house colours named after the 4 waka’s.

What I liked about team 1s item was they were sharing their favourite things about what they really like in their lives. Team 2s item was learning about the different colours in the different seasons like WInter, Spring, Summer and Autumn and that was interesting. Teams 3s one was super interesting and cool because they are doing architecture building in there class. Team 4s one was pretty hilarious as for there superhero names with a very very bad villain. Then we come down to team 5s item. It was pretty funny because they were pretending they were actually racing in their waka. Hine Moana was Mrs Tele’a was coming first then Hokulea Mrs Garden took the lead and won. This was our first 2016 Immersion assembly. JUst to be clear I think Mrs Tele'a actually won fare in square.

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