Monday, 30 November 2015

My creative story

Have they disappeared?

I arrived at school and room 7 wasn't there. In a flash the class was gone. Did they vanish into the thin air? Wow! what a shock.
Reporting as there has been a disappearance in room 7 and 6. Arriving at school and seeing none of room 7 and 6 students even the teachers were gone. Spooky. It felt like a ghost town but luckily Mrs Lavakula’s class was here. Whew! I was shocked, where could they have been.

Searching for the missing year 6's and their teachers has not been good. There is no sign of there presence anywhere. Where on earth could they !!BE!!?

So cautious to be alone in room 7. I had no choice but to go to room 8 with the other year 5's. So so sad to be the only year 6 girl (dramatic time).  My, my, !
MY FRIENDS ARE GONE!. I felt lonely and so I gave up. There was nothing I could do.

Just learning was the boring thing. Having to give up was really not a good idea. Some of them are my friends and so I cannot put it behind me. Yes,no,yes,no !YES! I have to save them. To be specific how was I going to find them. I had some victims that could tell me what happened but there was nothing.

Suddenly a boy came up to me when iIwas finish with the victims.
“Hey you there i can tell you a little of information” whispered the boy.
“ At 12 o’clock your friends will disappear forever”
As the little boy continued. I needed to figure out a solution to find them otherwise they could disappear for all eternity.

Poof! “What’s going on?”
As I said this to myself, suddenly there was a cloud of smoke and there they were. The class was back and all my friends too. So that’s how my disappearing story went and it turned out pretty well.

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