Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The two little pigs gone, but one survived

Walt write a new report.
The two little pigs gone,but one survived
By Danielle Deane 13/5/15
Who: The three little pigs, the wolf and mother pig
when:In day time
where:Along the road
what:Wolf trying to eat the pigs
why:Because he was hungry

Shocking report: After recently leaving their mother pigs home, 3 little pigs have built their own homes. Only to be attacked by a wolf. Two of the pigs have been murdered, and eaten by the wolf. The third and eldest surviving the attack, and killing the wolf.

As it’s been reported, the vicious wolf had blew the first little pig’s house down with a destructive mood and teared him to pieces. As the wolf suspiciously walked down he blew the
house of sticks and ate the second little pig as well. The 2 pigs bodies were found crunched up everywhere.

But the last pig had survived this terribill disaster and attack. The wolf was no match for the last pig. So the last pig had stopped the wolf by managing to trick him and then killing him. The third little pig was the only survivor.

Mother pig, how would you feel about telling the three little pigs to move elsewhere?
I felt sad but I wanted to see if they could do it on there own and
look after themselves and to see if they were big enough and old enough.
Would you feel very sad or just a little sad about your 2 losses?
I will feel very sad because the are my little piggys and they are my sons so this is terribill I
should’nt of sent them out by themselves.
Mother pig, do you think that the third little pig knows about his 2 losses?
Yes because he was near so he must know and he is the eldest brother.
How do you feel about them leaving?
I feel worried that they might get eaten by the wolf.
Do you think the will get eaten by the wolf?
I hope not but i think so since they are little pigs.
Did you wanted them to stay with you?
Yes because they are little kind of but no because they are growing up.

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