Thursday, 4 December 2014


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Above earth there is a created technology called a satellite and it is spinning in space.

A rock is coming for the satellite really slowly.
It may just hit and damage the satellite.
As the rock comes closer and closer in a slow mode,the satellite continues to spins. The satellite sends information to NASA and they are struggling of what to do.

NASA sends up John and Joan into space to see what they can do to stop this huge asteroid from hitting the satellite. “But what can the do there nothing that can stop that” said Max.  “I think there is a way, we will send them up and they can pull the satellite away and we will put a camera a the rocket so we know what's going on” George explained.

They went with George’s idea and sent Joan and John into space. Countdown on 5,4,3,2,1 launch the rocket and there the rocket goes. NASA  watches on camera as Joan sets the tether rope on him and as he floats in space he hooks on a strong rope. " It worked ".

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