Monday, 11 April 2016

Our Aspiration talkers

Today in the year 7 and 8 block we got to meet Arizona and Kenese. They worked at different jobs but explained there passion and encouragement for all of us year 7 and 8's.  Their talk was for us to learn on what they are trying to say.

 They both came and spoke about Aspiration, Inspiration and Motivation. It was to encourage us and making us confident in what we do now
and in the future.

Kenese talk was based on how our parents look after us feed us, cleaned after us and also watched over us as we grow. He also talked about part of his life and said " Honor your family as they honor you." As for Arizona her talk was based on how she got to work in many different places at other jobs. She also had to earn her Mickey mouse ear.

The things that I will learn from there talk is encouragement,happiness,dreaming big,working hard,making right decisions even if you have to give up something small and honoring your family. What i will learn from Kenese is taking care of my parents as they take care of me and make right decisions.

What I will learn from Arizona's talk is happiness,work hard and dreaming big. If you have a dream don't not try accomplish it, try to accomplish it.  She also talked about her accomplishing different jobs that she worked at.

Arizona and Kenese had different lives but almost talked about the same thing which means that they have both been through some of the stuff that we mostly know about. They really helped us about AIM which stands for  Aspiration
They really have encouraged us with their little talk which was about there lives and also what we should do now, back then and in the future. This was their talk that they have shared to inspire us at this aged and as how we grow up to be teenagers then adults. Learning off them was great and was a awesome opportunity to learn about themselves which we get to know them better.

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